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MUST SELL BY MAY 25 2016 DODGE RAM 2500 YEAR 2000, 147,000 miles, Valparaiso, Chile

After spending 8 months with this beautiful beast of a car, I am ready for the next trip in my journey. This time, I will be leaving Chile to return to my homeland (Australia) and then onwards to California (where the car comes from originally). I purchased the car off some good friends who traveled from Caliornia to Chile and I maintained it in great shape in Viña del Mar where I live and took it for a few months to the south of Chile. I happen to be a mechanical engineer so I have revised the car's condition frequently and drove responsibily.

Diesel Truck with cab over camper for Sale in Columbia July 2013

Hello, my name is Reid.  My wife and I will be finishing up our one year Journey through Central and South America in Columbia sometime around early July 2013.  We have the best overland rig one could ever want.  If you want the ability to travel anywhere and have all the comfort and space you could imagine, then we have the rig for you.