Wanted 4WD Pickup or Van in California May/June


Looking for- ideally - Toyota Tacoma with camper shell (or poptop camper) for trip from San Francisco to Chile starting mid May.  

Will consider vans if 4WD and possibly SUVs like Landcruiser or 4 Runner.  Rooftop tent a definite plus if SUV.

What would  really make it is if vehicle is adapted to life on the long road - compartments, chargers, that kind of thing.

Prepared to pay up to $12,500 US depending on year, mileage and extras.

Also if you have poptop camper for sale, or know of one separately, do let me know.  

Thanks, Tim

Freight Forwarder for US->Argentina Container Shipment / Container Sharing

All, just starting the shipping portion planning stage of my trip.  Hope to ship my Land Cruiser down to South America and spend about 6 months touring patagonia, etc.  From intial research seems that going on the atlantic side is typically the more common route so was thinking Houston to Buenos Aires.  (I'd drive the car down from Denver to Houston). 

Anybody have a recomendation on a freight forwarder?  Or by chance already in the process of getting something set up and want to share a container?  My leave date is fairly flexible, hopefully sometime between August 1st and 31st?

Vehicle wanted—Anchorage


We are looking for a vehicle for when we start our Pan-American trip in Anchorage (we'll be arriving there on the 21st of May)

We are hoping to get our hands on a 4Runner or a Landcruiser, we still haven't made a call about what year vehicle we are looking for as it mostly depends on price and condition. 

Any tips, contacts, suggestions etc would be very welcome.

Thanks in advance, 

Emma :)