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Car permit & car insurance renewal in David, Panama

Greetings from the road! After an amazing 3.5 months driving the east coast approach from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida to Panama, we decided to get off the road for abit and took an apartment in David fro 6 mos.  When we crossed in Paso Canoas, we were issued a 30 day insurance policy ($15) and a 30 day vehicle permit. Both of these need renewing by the 13th of June.  I see the last post for this info in this forum was over a year ago. Has anyone encountered this recently?

Temporary Car Permit extension in Belize

Hi Guys! Does anyone know where I can extend my temp car permit in Belize? ( I have US plates and a 30 day permit). I have been told I have to return to point of entry and someone else told me I could do it in Belmopan. As always, I appreciate your knowledge! Thanks!