GMC Savana

BARGAIN!! URGENT SALE!! $4000 non negotiable GMC Savana 2003 Costa Rica (hermosa beach)

Absolutely must sell this van. Super low price as we are flying home on the 8th of November. Selling our White GMC Savana V8 2003 Model. Its a great car which has got us from California through Mex now into Costa Rica/ Panama where we need to sell it. The car has a built in false floor,  mattress, camping and cooking gear, seats 5 and sleeps 3 comfortably. Has A/C, built in fan for sleeping, power steering, 120 Litre tank which runs on Gasoline, 103973 miles.

GMC Savana 2003 for sale

We are selling our white GMC Savana V8 2003 model. It is a great car with plenty of room and it has got us from California down to Nicaragua and eventually onto Costa Rica/Panama where we are hoping to sell it. Would love to sell to other travellers as it is already set up with a false floor, mattress, camping and cooking gear. Seats 5 and sleeps 3 comfortably, the false floor is easily removable so could also be a great car for any business. It has a 120 Litre tank and runs on gasoline.