Looking for a van. Southern Brazil/Uruguay,December 2016

Looking for a van for sale in southern Brazil or anywhere near (Uruguay, Sao Paolo, etc.)

Preferably a Kombi, but any working model will do.

Max price 5000€ (5500 USD)

I'll be in Brazil (Florianopolis) in November and December.


I understand the terms are quite demanding, but: I'm planning to buy and build the van myself. If there is a convenient offer (cool van, low price, right location) I'll buy it from another adventurous overlander; if not, I'll follow the original plan.




FOR SALE Chevrolet Astro Van 2002, fully equipped

We have bought this amazing van in December 2014 in Santiago de Chile and we are going to sell it again in

the South of Santiago at the end of January 2016. His name is Pinguipulli and we never thought to find such

a good van for climbing trip in Chile and Argentina.

Pinguipulli is thought to get your trip really comfortable with a double bed inside (wide material storage

under the bed) and an external table protected against the wind. You can also stay inside the van for

cooking and eating.

Van Characteristics: