SOLD: Sportsmobile 4x4 van EB

FOR SALE: 2001 Ford E350 Sportsmobile Quigley 4x4 V10 - 

Sportsmobile 4x4 van EB

FOR SALE: 2001 Ford E350 Sportsmobile Quigley 4x4 V10 - Second owner of Texas, clean Michigan USA titled as a motorhome, 230 k miles, rebuilt transfer case, agile rip kit (progressive springs, new custom springs (blocks removed), custom v4 fox shocks) all new bushings, all new steering arms, rebuilt front axle, new mog ujoints, new warning bushings, new calipers (4), new 130 amp alternator, new radiator, new 110 front battery amp / hr, two new batteries 180 amp / h deep cycle marine batteries, Oman generator 2700 watts 200 hours, new power steering pump, new power steering pump, new steerin

Wanted: Campervan in the United States

I'm currently on a yearlong road trip across the United States with my brother. We're living in a Sprinter Van until December. In 2017 I plan to continue living on the road, but need to downsize. Looking to buy (open to trade) a van that's already converted: sportsmobile, Ford E Series, Chevy Express, etc.

If you're looking to sell your campervan, please shoot me a direct message and looking forward to hearing from you soon!

General Trip Questions from the USA to Argentina

1. Is Diesel Fuel available throughout CenAm & South America? Cost? Quality?

2. Any heads up or particularly painful Border Crossings? If my vehicle has a Lien, do I need a copy of the Title?

3. Does anyone know the widest width shipping container available from Panama-Columbia? Or can I not just drive on and sleep in my van?

4. Has anyone traveled along the coast from Brazil to French Guyana? It looks like there is no paved road, and a lot of rivers, but I have a 4x4. Bridges? Ferries? Bad idea?