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To Sell in May 2012: Dodge RAM US plated and Six-Pack Camper in South America / SOLD!

After a year travelling through South America with our little boy, we are selling our US plated vehicule (Dodge Ram 1500) and its camper (Six-Pack Deluxe 850) somewhere in South America about May 2012.

The positive aspect of the camper is that it can be left on the ground on its feet, allowing the car to run freely. The engine has a good reputation for its sturdiness and long life span. We are the third owners. The car has new higher suspensions. Tires are new as well as reinforced, all terrain, all seasons. It’s maintenance has been done regularly.

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2 Adults, 5 Kids, Alaska to Argentina, Every Country in North and South America

Our family of seven left Alaska in April 2011 in our modified Ford F250 that's been converted to run on vegetable oil. We'll drive to Ushuaia Argentina, visiting every country in North and South America. We expect to take 2-3 years for this trip.

We'll be crossing into Mexico this month (Oct 2011) through Texas.

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