Hi !

We are a French couple living in Australia, travelling for our belated honey moon. With this car, we are exploring for 5 months the dirt tracks and roads in Chile/Argentina/Bolivia & Peru.

As the trip will soon come to an end, we are selling our trusted Mitsubishi Montero Sport 4x4 (m.y. 2003), all equipped and fitted for overland adventures.

Here are some details. We are currently in Peru and will go home from Santiago de Chile. We could sell the vehicle (almost) anywhere in those 2 countries.

Asking price USD6000.


WANTED vehicle in Colombia or Peru July 2015

Hi there!

Our names are Kelsey and Joseph. We are flying from California to Colombia in early July, and from there we want to slowly make our way down to Uruguay (we have about 3-4 months). To do this, we are looking to purchase a vehicle, preferably a sleep-in so we can save money on hostels. As we are young and recent university graduates, our budget is tight and we are looking for a vehicle ~3,000 USD. We will appreciate any propositions.

Wishing you all the best,

Kelsey and Joseph

Suggested Vehicles in USA for central America

I have been trying to decide (with my $6000 budget) what vehicle would be best for my partner and I for our trip to panama nesxt year. I have been looking at forums and see simaller post with general questions and general answers, so I was hoping to get a bit more indepth.

WANTED: Vehicle in Peru/Ecuador/Colombia March/April 2015!


We are a couple, looking for a vehicle, that is good for off-roading and to sleep in. Definitely open to taking a car and transforming the inside if we find a good one. Good gas mileage would be great. We are willing to travel to Ecuador if we get a good deal. Anybody?

Thank you!


FOR SALE: Toyota Tundra with Bronco Pop-up Camper - August/September in USA or Mexico

We are looking to sell our 2000 Toyota Tundra and 2004 Palomino Bronco pop top camper combo.

The truck and camper comes as a set, complete with all the mods and our entire camp and travel set up.

We are looking to hand over the vehicle late August early September 2014 in California. The price for the total package is $12000 US.

Toyota Tundra with Palomino Bronco B1200 slide in camper:

2000 Toyota Tundra SR5 V8 4x4 Extra Cab - Silver - 230 000 miles

Entering Chile by own car, leaving by plane

My girlfriend and I are travelling through North and South America since April 2013. In February we will sell our car in Santiago de Chile (registered in my name in BC, Canada) to fellow travellers from South Africa.

Does anybody have recent experience if it is possible to leave Chile by air after entering with a car (e.g. flying home for 'holiday' or after selling a car)? Is there a link between my customs document for the car and immigration? Of course we will take care that the car leaves Chile before the customs declaration expires.

1995 Volkswagen Campervan - SALE NOW ON - MAKE US AN OFFER!

We have a beautiful Volkswagen 1995 Brasilian Campervan all geared up for travelling.  We are in Santiago with it now and open to offers! Sadly our trip is nearly at its end. 

We dont want to spend all of our limited time left in Santiago and therefore we would love a quick sale. We are open to offers so grab yourself a bargain!

We have been travelling around Paraguay, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and Chile in it for the last 5 months which has been brilliant. 



For Sale: 4x4 Custom Expedition Van - Mitsubishi l300

After almost two years on the road, our trip through the Americas is coming slowly to an end. The near future is going to bring some big changes to us, so unfortunately we can not keep our beloved expedition vehicle and need to say good bye.
The van is in great shape (beside a few cosmetic scars) and served us very well over the last few years. We professionally built it from the ground up, invested well over US$ 30k and a year of work to make it to one of a kind expedition van in its category.

Shipping vehicles Miami to Cartagena - great rate and new shippingl line

We just booked our vehicle and camper trailer out of Port Everglades to Cartagena on December 8 for less than any of the quotes we got from Panama or Costa Rica.  This is a *new* route line for SCline (because of the Colombia - USA trade agreement) and I wanted to share what we found.  The email quote and the contacts are below.  The rate we got was $6000 for BOTH vehicles (all fees in USA included + an estimated $300 in fees in Colombia) -- and our vehicles are HUGE (sizes in the email).  The rate is $60 a cubic meter plus fees.

Selling vehicles in South America - how do we do it?

We're looking for information about selling our campervan in South America.

- Does anyone have detailed info about selling in Argentina, Chile and Uruguay?

- We are interested in knowing how we would transfer the title to a new owner. EG is it advantageous to keep our car registered somewhere? (our van is currently registered in California, but we are wondering if we need to keep re-registering it each year). If the car is no longer registered anywhere, does it make it more difficult to transfer ownership, or is this irrelevant?