WANTED: CAMPER/VAN in VANCOUVER area in January/February 2016

Hello everybody!

We are planning to start our adventure driving from Vancouver all the way down to Panama around January next year. We are looking for a VAN/CAMPER/Whatever suitable that fits three people.

We live in Vancouver so anywhere "near" here is more than fine.

If anybody knows any deal please let us know. Also, if anybody is planning a trip around these dates, let us know if you want to share some of your road time with us.

Thank you very much! :)

Meri, Adrià and Javi.



Who & Where We are: 

We are a couple of creatives currently living in Buenos Aires, planning a roadtrip to blaze a trail of oobeedoo :) Making art and getting to know communities across the continent :) Our mechanic lives (convienently) on our street in San Telmo. So if you pass through Bs.As. and want to sell your car, email us and pop in for a cup of tea. And if we decide to adopt your car we can even offer a bed while we are dealing with the papers :) 

What we are ideally looking for:

Belize to Canada September 2014

My fiance and I will be traveling from Belize to Canada starting September 2014. We would like to find a van/camper for the trip. People traveling from Canada to Central America please contact us if you would like to sell you van/camper in Belize.

Our road trip will bring us through Mexico, across America onward to Canada estimated 2-3 month trip.


Preferably we would like to buy something with sleeping quaters or something simular.

Selling Honda Wagon in Panama or Costa Rica

Selling our 1995 Honda Accord Wagon in late October or early November 2012. We are in El Salvador now but are continuing to head south. Would like to finish our expedition and sell our vehicle in Costa Rica or Panama.

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