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It is with heavy hearts that we write it is time for us to sell our Volkswagen Kombi. After receiving quotes from shipping agencies, we learned we won’t be able to ship it back to New Zealand (we would if we could, we absolutely love this car!)

Van Gogh is a 1989 Volkswagen T2, air-cooled Kombi. Purchased in January of this year, we have driven him across South America and he is now looking for his next adventurous driver(s).

********** ENGINE *********************
- Gasoline, Manual
-We rebuilt the engine with a Volkswagen mechanic in May 2017, roughly 12,000kms ago, to travel without any mechanical issues. It is in great condition.
-August 2017: replaced the cylinder heads, pistons, and valves (1,000 kms ago).
-July 2017: changed shock absorbers.
-At time of writing, we have driven him 18,000kms. We have all mechanical papers and records to pass along to the buyer.
-We learned quite a bit about Volkswagen motors and we would be happy to help orientate you to the engine/pass along any checkup tips we learned along the way. We knew nothing about Volkswagen mechanics when we started, and now we’re pretty confident. It’s easy to learn on an engine like this.

********** OTHER MECHANIC HISTORY *******
- Build year 1989
- Fuel consumption between 10 and 13/100km, depending on driving altitude / type of road
- New shock absorbers (July 2017)
- New cylinder heads (August 2017
- New piston and valves (August 2017)
- Oil changed at least every 5000 km

********** THE INTERIOR ******************
We built the interior ourselves, and it is one comfortable living space! We insolated the car, and it kept us quite warm down south in the winter. 

- In the driver’s cabin, there is a comfortable bench that sits two comfortably.
- There is a working Sony sound system with 7 speakers attached throughout the car.
- We built a small shelf for under the glove box to de-clutter the dashboard.


There is ample storage with eight cabinets, a couch that folds out into a comfortable bed (with storage underneath), a drawer, three shelved-cabinet for kitchen items, and one cabinet for the gas tank. There is a table that can be put down over the couch, and can be folded up while driving. There are also two tables that fold out for an outdoor kitchen area, and more storage compartments on the other side door.

There are LED interior lights, a switch for connection to a water pump, a switch/cigarette plug for the fridge, and a cigarette plug for charging.

The bed can easily be transformed into a sofa during day time and additionally offers a lot of hidden storage space underneath the bed. This storage is easily accessible even when it is in the “bed configuration”.

There is a gas cooker with the flexibility to be used in and outside of the car. There is a sink and two tables to be used on the outside as well. There’s an 18 liter fridge which can be operated with AC as well as DC for keeping your drinks cold or for storing fresh food.

We built a roof storage box on the roof rack, with a space for plants and a 40 liter water tank with a hose.
There is also an awning that helps extend our outdoor living space.

********** OTHER COOL STUFF ************
- Tools (handsaw, hammer, wrench kit, screwdriver, nails/screws, caulk gun, valve feelers, many more miscellaneous)
- Warning vest and triangle
- 20 L spare fuel tank
- Jumper cables
- Extra electrical supplies (copper wiring, spare fuses, etc)
4 extra shock absorbers (we replaced ours 5,000 kms ago)
- Car jack
- Spare clutch (2nd hand)
- Spare fuel pump (new)
- Spare accelerator cable and spare clutch cable
- 4 spare CV joints (2nd hand, and rebuilt)
- 2 spare tires (good condition)
- 1 large fire extinguisher, 3 small fire extinguishers

- Two batteries included (one for car, one for indoor lighting/power—this one was replaced 6,000 kms ago)

-Custom made Couch/Bed thick foam cushions with tailored fabric, four additional cushions for arm rests
- Quality down comforter and duvet
- Comfy sheets
- Two memory foam pillows
- Curtains to provide privacy
- Extra matching fabric
- 3 rugs (two large, one small) for outdoor living space

-Plates, cups, bowls, two mixing bowls, two pans, one cooking pot, one strainer, two cutting boards, one large bucket, multiple plastic containers for kitchenware, silverware for four people, one fine cutting knife, two spatulas, one ladle
-Gas cooker with two burners
-Fridge cooler with AC and DC operated
-20 liter grey tank
-One 5 kilogram gas tank (we added a top adapter that works in most South American countries).
- French coffee press
-All the pieces are in place for the sink to be functional, but it needs a faucet and a clean water tank to be fitted to the pump.

- Steering lock
- Three sunshields
- Fishing rod
- Custom painted hubcaps
- Book “How to Keep Your Volkswagen Alive” (in some situations, priceless)

********** PAPERWORK *************
All the necessary papers are up to date:
- Revision technica is valid until October 2017
- Permiso de circulación until May 2018
- Mapfre insurance until February 2018
We can help you with all the paperwork, finding a good notary, etc. We will gladly help you as we did all the paperwork ourselves. We can also give advice on crossing borders.
Van Gogh is from Chile, so if you are a foreigner you’ll need a RUT to transfer ownership (we can help you with this as we went through the same process).

We are asking for 10,000 USD (or 8500 Euro). Open to discussion.

Our favourite memory from traveling across South America in a Kombi has been the community from other overlanders and kombi owners. People love kombis, and love to chat to you about them. If you’re looking for an adventure with a wonderful car that brings a community with it, then we would love to talk to you.

We are currently in Lima, Peru, but making our way down to Santiago, Chile. We are happy to meet you anywhere along the way between here and Santiago. Please reach out with my questions you may have—we’re happy to talk about possibilities! Adventure awaits—all you need is the keys!

********PICTURES!Take a look here!:

********** CONTACT US ***************
If you have any further questions we will gladly get back to you via:
Mail: [email protected]
Whatsapp: 64-022-431-0591

Guillaume & Kelsey

Fri, 08/17/2018 - 15:00


Hi ! it looks beautifull : where did you buy it and how does it come it so little kms for the year ? :)

Mon, 08/27/2018 - 13:48

Guillaume & Kelsey,

Guillaume & Kelsey,

Your camper looks lovely! It is still available or do you have contact details of the new owner(s)?


Olivier and Sophie