VW Kombi Camper for sale in Santiago in July 2013

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VW Kombi Camper for sale in Santiago in July 2013


We are a German couple and with pain in our hart we will sell our Kombi that was our home for the last 6 months. It's a 1992 (15 window) Brasilian made Volkswagen T2 van (Kombi, as they call it here in South America), converted into a camper. This is a classic style vehicle which is old but high quality and extremely sturdy!

We have driven the car from Santiago down to south Chile (Hornopiren), into Argentina and all the way down to Ushuaia and back to Santiago! About 11.000 km this car has been a reliable travel companion! Now we are travelling north into the Atacama desert, so we will only be online every now and then!

Selling date is around mid/end of July 2013, we can talk about the exact date. We'll be back to Santiago by 15th July 2013.

In addition to the information in the text way below (by the previous owners) we have completed / added  the following:

- New Revision Tecnica – valid for one year (Chile vehicle inspection)
- New Emissiones valid for one year (Chile emissions test)
- New Permiso de Circulation from the Municipalidad - valid for one year (tax for driving in Chile)
- New Insurance for Chile - valid for one year –
- New Insurance for most South American countries - valid for half a year
- Complete technical vehicle check in April/May
- new shock
- new tire
- several important parts of the steering are renewed

- new high quality foam matresses
- more tools, more spare parts
- 2 extra high quality camping chairs
- 8 months old 3-person-tent


Selling price is 7,250.- US $  or

(5543.- Euros)

(3.410.994.- Chile Pesos)


If you have any further questions about the car, driving around south america, or the buying process in Chile, you are more than welcome to send us an email at:

kombikarma @ gmail.com.

(the car is called ‘otro’ since we thought this would be a more suitable name for a south-american born ‘baby’ ! It used to be ‘kombi karma’, since the first owner used it as a church bus and the second owner was a yoga teacher)



This is what the previous owners wrote about our Kombi:

The kombi was completely restored in 2011; a new paintjob, new leather interior, and most important the engine and other mechanical parts such as brakes/tires are renewed (cylinders honed). The previous owner (a Canadian guy) drove 10.000km, and we doubled it until now.

We transfered the van into a camper ourselves. Everything we added is removable and the Kombi can be easily transfered into a normal bus again. The bus has room for around 8-10 people, we removed one of the seats (which is no longer available) so there is room for 6 to 7 people left.

You will buy a well maintained all included camping car, with a motor that ran 30.000km.

We added the following:

- Reflective window shields with Velcro attachments on all cabin windows for privacy, security and isolation
- 2 new car battery's and a power inverter. One car- and one camping battery. The battery's are switched using a relais so you can only empty your camping battery and never the car battery. 
- A 220Volt(450watt) system, with 2 plugs in the back and 5 plugs in the front, so you can charge your cell phones, laptops, camera's etc.
- A fixed 220volt light system with switch. The lamp uses only 2watts but gives aprox 30watt light. This is enough to read your book in the entire bus. There is an 12 volt light system with a light above the front seats as well.
- We placed 2 metal fuel tanks with an capacity of 20 liters each. Important because gas stations are not always very close to each other.
- Ultra-comfortable bed (the best we've had after 6 months in hostels) with foldable mattress, two pillows, cotton sheets, a 2-persons sleeping bag and an extra blanket for the mountains or Patagonia. You can fold up the bed (in just a few minutes) to be able to sit in the rear seat. We used it a lot on cold nights to watch some movies or play games.
- We placed 2 plastic cabinets with 3 drawers each, an extra plastic container (60l) and a (40l) coolbox. For storage for cloths, food, tools and supplies.
- A 2 pit stove with a big-ass gas tank. We used it almost daily for the last 3 monts and its still more than half full... the tank is changeable in Chile.

The Kombi also comes with the following supplies:

- Cooking tools, including one pot, one frying pan, plates, bowls, cups, cutlery, wooden spoons, kitchen knifes, juice maker, and a good collection of spices and cooking supplies to get you started.
- Two foldable camping chairs.
- A camping/kitchen table.
- A 10 m laundry line.
- A machete, which is excellent for bushwhacking, security.
- A good collection of tools, including a socket set, screwdrivers, wrench, floor jack, tire wrench, tow strap, jumper cables and safety triangles and jackets.
- A VW Kombi manual, including the owner’s manual and a Spanish-language repair manual.
- A number of spare parts for the motor, including air filters, fuel filetrs, fan belt, spark plugs,and more.
- Computer speakers attached to front dash, for use with iPod/mp3 player or laptop.
- A fire extinguisher.
- Full-sized spare tire.
- One rear bench, which allows you to pick up some extra passengers (4, one extra in the front and 3 in the back).Always good for sharing gasoline costs.

- The car is plated in Chile, so the car has to be sold there. Since we just put the car in our name we are sort of experts and are willing to help you out with the paperwork proces. If you want any information how this proces works in advance, please let us know.

So what is the advantage of exploring south america with a Volkswagen kombi?

After six months of backpacking from Mexico till Chile, travelling with busses all the time, we wanted to have some more freedom. And that is what you really get with this car, you can stop at every place you want, ánd you can also sleep at the most beautiful places. We loved staying in the middle of the nature (on a beach/jungle/desert), having dinner while watching National Geographic life in front of you.
No money for accomodations
We saved so much money on accomodation and food (by cooking our own breakfast,lunch and dinner). We kept the fuel spendings low by taking fellow travellers.
Friends everywhere
And, you have friends everywhere; i think almost everyone likes the old volkswagen buses, and is willing to help you. We got so many invitations from very friendly people, stayed at their houses, were introduced to good mechanics, and were showed the most beautiful secret places to stay overnight. There is a Volkswagen club in every country, where everyone falls in love with your car directly.... :-)
Cheap to maintain and parts broadly available
The Kombi is a 'simple' car for mechanics, no electronics, and also the parts are not too complicated.





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Still available?


Is your vehicle still avaiable? If so are you in Santiago?