FOR SALE: VW van in Argentina/Chile November 2013

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#1 Mon, 08/12/2013 - 12:01

FOR SALE: VW van in Argentina/Chile November 2013


We will be finishing our "drive the Americas" trip in late November or early December in either Argentina or Chile and will be selling our beloved Jurasek, the Volkswagen Eurovan (aka Transporter in Europe).

It´s from 1992, Germany-made with Canadian plates.

The engine is 2.5 litres, five cylinder, it runs on gas and is manual. The consumption is between 9 (highway) and 11 (mountains and off road) litres per 100 km.

We have camperized it. There is a comfy bed with loads of space for two people. It can also be folded so there is no problem staying inside if it's raining. There is also a small foldable table. The kitchen can be approached both from inside and from the back but most of the time we cook outside - it's a great way for meeting local people and you don't cry when chopping the onion :)

Under the bed, there is plenty of space for everyhting. 



We have a Coleman two-burner stove, running on gas. Big 12V Coleman cooler, loads of pots, teapot, cafetiere, plates, bowls, cups and plastic glasses (even for wine:), cutlery, knives, big kitchen board, 10 litres water jerry can with a tap... well, basically anything you need for proper cooking. 

There are plastic boxes for clothes, dishes and food and there is still space for our backpacks and other stuff (such as a great tool box, 20 litres drinking water jerry can, 10 litres gas jerry can, two foldable chairs, jack, starting cables, saw, gasoline Coleman lantern, extension cord, two hammocks,... and much more:)

There is a radio playing CDs, together with an FM transmitter for flashdisk or memory cards. We will also leave here a universal 12V laptop charger and a small 70W AC/DC converter.


New parts:

- water pump

- ignition coil 

- battery

- spark plugs

- parts of exhaust pipe

We haven't had any major issues on the road, going all the way from Canada, more then 30.000 kms now. We do all the necessary maintanace, all the fluids are changed regularly, the car is running perfectly. 

The back door hinges are not working and we've put two nails in them to keep the door up but it's no problem to get new ones in Canada, USA or Europe. 

The thread on the tires is running out so it will be necessary to buy new ones soon. 

We ask $4.000 for the car and all the equipment in there. In case we decided to buy the new tires before we sell it we'd ask for a bit more. 

PIctures of the car can be seen here

We want to be back home in the Czech Republic for Christmas so we are planning to fly at the end of November or early December, either form Argentina (Buenos Aires) or Chile (Santiago). We don't have any set date yet so we are still quite flexible.

If you want some specific information, don't hesitate to ask: jana.tomaskova(at)

jana & petr 



Sun, 08/18/2013 - 07:07

VW Eurovan


We're arriving in Santiago in September and staying there about two months before heading south. Would it be possible to get some pics of the vehicle? Thanks.


Mon, 08/26/2013 - 10:53

Pictures added

Hello FC,


the photos are now added. Sorry for the delay, we´ve been up in the mountains for a while.

Please contact me on my e-mail ([email protected]) if you need anything else, and let me know what you think.



Mon, 09/23/2013 - 12:21

Improved kitchen!


We have improved the kitchen! There is new paint and a great big drawer so it's much better organized now :) Look at the last photo in the link above. 

Also, we didn't mention the amount of kilometres the car has driven. We have just passed 255.555 kms :)