Toyota 4runner for sale with full rooftop camping setup.

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Toyota 4runner for sale with full rooftop camping setup.

Hola Amigos,

My Girlfriend and I are in the middle of a fantastic trip from San Diego to Panama. We plan on flying out of Costa Rica or Panama around mid October leaving our 1991 4runner up for grabs for some lucky travelers.


The 4 runner is perfectly set up for a couple/ two mates. The rear has been built for storage and holds 5 storage boxes and 2 small eskies on top, 4 surfboards (around 6’4”ish max) and 2 larger boxes below. There is also a lockable compartment behind the drivers seat ideal for computers, cameras, passports etc. (See pictures) Already equipt with all the off road gear and camping gear you could need and plenty of space for food, clothing etc.


Fastened to the roof racks is the roof top tent. It has been a dream all through Baja and mainland Mexico. Off the ground away from creepy crawlies, high enough to catch a breeze and great to be off the ground when its wet.

It is a CVT rooftop tent  that sleep two very comfortably. Tent comes equipt with a 2” foam mattress, pillows and blankets that all stay conveniently inside when folded up. It takes no time at all to fold away (3 minutes while concentrating) and even less to take out. All 4 sides open up allowing good airflow. When unfolded (ready for sleeping) half the tent is over the side of the car, giving you some shade and an annex that zips around, very handy for keeping belongings out of sight.

We also bought the awning which is tidily fasten to the side of the roof racks. Perfect piece of shade to escape the intense mid-day sun and handy mozzie mesh room that attaches. Essential for your sanity when your trying to prepare meals in mozzie or fly infested areas. All of the gear, tent, awning etc are very sturdy and handle surprisingly well in the afternoon onshores and were never a problem.


The Car itself is in great nick even though the mileage is creeping a little high (320,000). The engine was reconditioned just before I bought it (315,000) new pretty much everything, and I since replaced some parts in the starter. I had it looked at by 2 independent mechanics before I bought it and I am confidant there is another couple of hundread left in her after speaking with them. The tires are also in great shape for those off road missions(90% tread). Good stereo (with ipod outlet) and new speakers. There is also an inverter for charging laptops etc.


Really is the perfect car for this trip, give me a private message if  interested, selling time can be flexible, (around sept-oct).

[email protected]

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SOLD.. don't know how to remove post,,:)