General Trip Questions from the USA to Argentina

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#1 Mon, 04/18/2016 - 18:53

General Trip Questions from the USA to Argentina

1. Is Diesel Fuel available throughout CenAm & South America? Cost? Quality?

2. Any heads up or particularly painful Border Crossings? If my vehicle has a Lien, do I need a copy of the Title?

3. Does anyone know the widest width shipping container available from Panama-Columbia? Or can I not just drive on and sleep in my van?

4. Has anyone traveled along the coast from Brazil to French Guyana? It looks like there is no paved road, and a lot of rivers, but I have a 4x4. Bridges? Ferries? Bad idea?

5. Who is concerned about Zika (Mom relax)? And any other mandatory innoculations? Suriname-Yellow Fever?

Thank you all for responding. Please number your answers, and thoughts to match questions.

Happy Trails!!!

Tue, 04/19/2016 - 13:09

1. Yes, every station I

1. Yes, every station I filled up at had diesel. I don't know your range or route but, Top off before leaving Mexico. (Cheeper than Central America.) then, if you can make it to El Salvador. ( They use the USD.) Then drive to Panama. (Also uses the USD.) The standard advise for Diesel is to buy where you see the truckers buy, fresher supply, less chance of water in fuel. This is also good advise for the USA.


a.) All of the C. American borders are tougher than S. America. research the actual border crossing that you plan on using, not just country to county. Some crossing are reported as difficult, some not so. If you speak Spanish this will be a plus, however I spoke very little spanish but had copies of forms that other travelers used to show the border agents what I needed. I paid no tout's. but had to run around at many of the borders from station to station. ( 3 hours+ El Salvador to Hondo. ) Tip: If you do not speak Spanish / Port. download Google Translates into your devise it works great for basis commucations.

b.) Lien's complicate things, if you can, pay off your vehicle and have the title in your name. If not possible, they may require a notarize letter from the lien holder giving you permission to take the vehicle out of the country. ( In your language and thers?) All information on paperwork much match exactly. Vin's, Names, Plates, etc. Copies of everything, if you have the room bring a cheep black and white printer. ( This saved me much time and trouble at a few crossing. )

3. At the bottom is the interior dim. RORO will not let you drive on or off or stay in or have access to your vehicle durning the voyage. SC Line reported to me that they may? offer a stateroom on the same ship. Otherwise you have to fly or sail to Columbia.

4. You are correct, there are no road / bridges that cross the Amazon. You have to barge between Macapa and Belem. It has been reported that you can sleep / stay in your vehicle on this barge. Note: The New Bridge is still reported closed between Brazil and F. Guyana. ( You have to hire a ferry. ) Many blogs / websites that describe this process.

5. Yes, you need proof of Yellow Fever vac as well as other vac's. If no one in your party is pregnant or planing on becoming Zeka is not as dangerious, however you should get all of your information from the CDC in Atlanta. Malaria protection should not be overlooked.

It is a lot of work planing for a trip like this but well worth it.

Safe traveles,

Wed, 04/20/2016 - 11:52

Don't count on crossing from

Don't count on crossing from Colombia to Venuzuala as the border still reported as closed (since September last year)