VOLKSWAGEN KOMBI ´93 for sale in Colombia or nearest possible ((PRICE-ADJUSTMENT))

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VOLKSWAGEN KOMBI ´93 for sale in Colombia or nearest possible ((PRICE-ADJUSTMENT))

After a wonderful trip for more than a year in South-America, our trip is starting to come to an end. And so also the separation with our travel companion/car ñochi ñochi (Mapunungun for 'take it easy) is coming closer. 

Nochi ñochi is a Volkswagen Kombi from the year '93 which has accompanied us during the half of our trip. We bought it in Chile, changed about 80 % of the motor (you probably won't find a better motor in this price range or lower price), insulated wherever we could and rearranged the interior as a campervan. Made to measure sofabed, storageroom, rooftoprack, rooftop closed luggagecarrier, ...

Of course all the purchased necessary travelstuf on the trip will be included. Exchangable 5l gas bottle with two possible connections, 3fire cooker, all appliences for cooking, exchangable 20l watercontainer with manual waterpump, ...

Also we have several spare parts that will be included.

As our trip is taking its end in Colombia Medellin, we would like to sell it in Medellin itself in the month of october. 

The price of the van is 6000 € or nearest offer. DUE TO PRESSURE OF TIME ON OUR PART WE WILL LOWER THE PRICE TO 5500€ OR NEAREST OFFER.


If interested, feel free to contact us by mail ([email protected]) so we can send pictures/movie or contact by facetime/skype.

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We've started a FBpage with lots of pictures, feel free to check it out on