SOLD 4X4 Gd Nomade V6 For Sale Santiago Now Sept.17 SOLD

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SOLD 4X4 Gd Nomade V6 For Sale Santiago Now Sept.17 SOLD


Hello travellers,

We're a couple of french adventurers, and we've been riding across south america for 10 months across 7 countries!

We're are non smokers and we've always took great care for our transportation.

Our dear loving car "Suzi" is for sale now on September17 with 158700km, it's a Suzuki Grand Nomade XL7 with a 2,7L V6 engine with an automatic transmision.

It's a very economical fuel consumption car:

9L per 100km riding at 90km/h with the air conditioned on.

Car facts:

ABS and double SRS airbags

Excellent condition, just a couple of cosmetic imperfections on bumpers

Services at 133600km: new tyres Bridgestones All Terrain, new Battery Bosh 460A, new suspensions, new brakes carbon pads, oil + filter and air filter changed, plus a complet engine inspection

All windows are polarised/tinted and we've added thermo isolated sun visor on each one plus mosquito net on both rear windows

There's a Sony car stereo with an AUX output to play ipod's music along the sunny highways

An anti-theft stiring wheel lock and a car alarm system for more security

Air conditioned and cruise control for an easy ride confortably seated in the velvet seats

2 pairs of keys, a spare tyre securised and the sucket wrench plus spanner

Fire extinguisher, safety triangle and 2 yellow jackets

Removable camper bed (125X180) convertion, we've conserved the rear seats folded under the bed

The equipments:

Roof box with roof bars for all the technical equipments storage includind:

A 12v to 220v electric converter, a 12v air compressor for tyres, a 12v electric battery screwdriver, cables for battery charge, a 4T traction strap, additional light bulbs
, tools, motor oil, radiator cooling liquid, unused anti puncture bomb, a 20 liters plastic petrol canister, a 20 liters folding plastic water canister, a manuel hand pump for liquids, 2 camping chairs, 1 folding table, 1 gaz stove, 2 beach mats
, a solar shower, a fishing rod...

Inside the camper:

90mm high density mattress, coton bed sheets and two real pillows, two blankets for the Bolivian Altiplano it's cold up there!

A 12v kettle, a 12v rechargeable led light, a large beach umbrella, a metalic 1L Thermos, a complet "cuisine" equipment with all cutlery and kitchen hardwear for 4 persones, and much more...

4 large plastic boxes for luggages plus 2 mediums for food, a plastic bucket/wahtub

Papers details:

Permiso de Circulation until 31/03/18

Certificado Seguro Obligado until 31/03/18

Revision Tecnica until 31/08/18

Certificado de Emisiones Contaminantes until 31/08/18

Recent modification done;

3 air conditioning hoses changed plus gaz refill at 150000km

Front break discs and steering shaft changed at 146000km

Oil and filters changed at 158200km

For your information:

Meanwhile buying a car in Chile cost an aditional 3 to 5% fees for non chilean transaction, we've had the surprise when we bought Suzi in november 16 to a Santiaguino garage.

Suzi will be yours and ready and secured to go all distances for €6500 / $7800 / Ch 4850000 chilean pesos

Plenty of pictures on demand, our pictures are to heavy for the web site, visible anytime now!

Whatsapp: +33 683 738 958 or [email protected]

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Wed, 04/12/2017 - 18:49

4X4 Suzuki XL7 Camper for sale in Santiago by the end of may

Super car, super 4WD, ask for more pictures and more informations!

Wed, 05/31/2017 - 08:50

I have been here as well

I have been here as well visiting places in south America travelling through different states 4X4 Grand Nomade V6 was the one we had some problem related to some engine but Help With Dissertation from mechanics at the local states get things working. V6 has good jumps and breaks and probably one of the best car for travelling.