El Salvador

El Tunco, El Salvador

El Salvador-Borders and Driving

Smaller than the US state of Massachusetts, El Salvador still has plenty to offer, including awesome surfing, emtpy beaches, and beautiful highland villages. It's small size makes it a very manageable and accessible country to explore if vacation time is at a premium.  Read more about crossing El Salvador's border with a car, and road conditions within the country. 

Basic Facts

  • Population: 7,100,00
  • Capital: San Salvador
  • Fun fact: From March till October, nearly every beach boasts consistent 6-foot-plus surf.
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El Salvador Camping and Hotels

Information on where to stay in El Salvador.

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Additional El Salvador Border Crossing Information

People's experiences vary depending on crowds at the border, corrupt or honest border officials, and rules can also change. Read more about individual experiences at specific borders in this article.

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