1982 Westfalia for sale in Quito - $5000

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#1 Fri, 12/16/2016 - 14:23

1982 Westfalia for sale in Quito - $5000

1982 Aircooled Volkswagon Westfalia with rebuilt engine in Quito.  We are looking to sell between now and February.  

This van served us well for over 30,000 kilometers across South America. Surprisingly no major issues along the way.  

Our goal was to drive the van to the United States, so we used Ecuador as a base to rebuild the engine and prepare for the Central American leg of our trip.  However, we were forced to call the trip short and are now selling our beloved westy.

- Sorry, for the lack of photos, as mentioned, we were not planning on selling.

A little about the van:

The van was purchased in Chile and has a Chilian registry.  


The van was purchased without the original interior.  Therefore, we replaced the interior (as you an see from the photo) make it comfortable.  This includes a few electronic upgrades including:
- Name brand (just can't remember which one) new CD player and speakers
- An external battery connected to an electrical battery isolator selector switch by a heavy-duty AC Power inverter cable kit connected, ran by a KRIËGER 1100 Watt 12V power inverter with dual 110V AC outlets, joined by a 6-Outlet Power strip. In short, the external battery charges while you're driving so you'll have power throughout the night.  
-Also, a new two burner gas stove that runs off the external gas tank was fitted (different from the one in photo).  
-The bed up top is new and reupholstered.
-It comes with a few spare parts including new 4 spare sets of ball joints.
- New tires on the van about 10,000 kilometers ago, with two used spare tires at half life.


The good: The overall condition of the van is good with no rust. The van was painted two years ago, but does have some wear and need a good waxing. 

The bad: It does have a dent in the driver side door from the wind blowing it open in Patagonia.  The sliding door handle is also removed, but can be opened from the inside (a new one can be easily installed).  

Replacements upon purchase: Gas Lines, break pads, battery, rubber cv joint boots
Replaced along the way: Starter, spark plugs with Bosch spark plug wire set and distributor cap (honestly, that's it).
Replaced during engine overhaul: Spark Plugs, New slave cylinder, Fresh engine overhaul.  

If you're looking for a good van for the Pan American this is it. It has made us westy lovers for life.  

You are about to embark on the trip of a lifetime, so we want whoever takes our beloved westy to be happy, so we are available via email, phone or skype to answer any of your questions and will be upfront and honest.