2000 MITSUBISHI MONTERO SPORT 4x4 camper For Sale April/May 2017 in CHILE US$6500

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2000 MITSUBISHI MONTERO SPORT 4x4 camper For Sale April/May 2017 in CHILE US$6500

STILL AVAILABLE - 2000 MITSUBISHI MONTERO SPORT 4x4 camper For Sale April/May 2017 in CHILE US$6500

We are an Australian couple who purchased this vehicle in Santiago and drove through Chile, Bolivia, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia. We are currently on our return trip. Testing and adding things as we went.

The Camper
The Bedroom & Kitchen - We had a custom fold out comfortable (most important) bed frame system, Easily converting back into a 5 seater in under a minute. This allowed us to spend 5 weeks roadtripping with two friends without a problem.
In the back, we have a wood storage box that slides out and a extendable shelf with runners that slides back into the frame housing. The link below shows a video of how it all works. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aQNuZIiTyno

Second Room - We custom made a shelter that stays connected to the roof rack. It rolls up out of the way and is easily unrolled and set in any location. It can be strapped down to create a small living space (kitchen, change room, bath room etc.) behind the bed complete with zip up doors and buckles on both sides. However me made sure not to cut it out of shape - This allows it to be opened up completely as a sun shelter 4m x 5m, with the option to have one or both sides down. Each campsite is different (different ground conditions, different tree coverage), so we made sure this was adaptable to any condition. Comes with straps, heavy duty eyelets to tie down, rope and tent pegs. A few options have been shown in photos.

Roof Box - We desinged and built this box to use roof rack space wisely. With a slanted lid (that sits open unassisted) to reduce wind resistance and increase storage space. It also comes with metal chain and locks for security. We also have spare chain and locks in the car.

20L Side Tank Water Storage - Used for cleaning hands and dishes on the move, it can also be attached to a tube and shower head and combined with the 'second room' can double as a shower. We have a potable water storage container on the roof also.

LED Rear Lights - For half our trip, we were using torches and lanterns and it became frustrating. So we connected a 60 light LED strip to the rear tailgate which allows flood lighting for the entire rear area of the car. It works well with or without the 'second room' prepared. It has been wired to the rear cabin light so is easy to switch on and off and hasn't damaged and interior trimming when being fitted.

Tinted Privacy Windows - Luckily for us the car comes with original tinted windows. In most light, it is impossible to see in but easy to see out. (Funny when people used it to check their hair when they didn't know we were inside) Legal in all countries as they are original. The Number plate is printed into the corner of each piece of glass, to show its factory glass.

To view how the camper aspect works, check out a quick video we have on Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aQNuZIiTyno
A second video shows the few things we added on the way - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3AEUhipuOhM

The Comfort
V6 3L Petrol Engine
259,000km when returned to Santiago.
Automatic Transmission
4x4 (2WD, 4High, 4Low, Centre Diff Lock, A/M HOLD) Go anywhere in comfort!
Electric Sunroof, Mirrors and Windows
Central Locking with Alarm
Airconditioning, Heating & Cruise Control
Cigarette Lighters & Charging Adapters in Front and Rear
Above Dash Voltameter, Compass, Ambient Temperature and Oil Pressure Guages
The whole back area utilises space perfectly with storage under the carpet and in the plastic trim. We also have located several spots to stash important documents etc.

The Boring Important Bits
4 New Tyres 20,000km ago
New Timing Belt (and water pump checked)
New Battery with 2year 'Manufacturers' Warranty (from Dec 2016, Valid Worldwide)
New Fuel Pump - (The old one works at approx 80% and is included as a backup in case)
Reconditioned Alternator
New Spark Plugs, plug leads and cleaned injectors Mid March 2017
Radiator was Removed & Internally Cleaned - New Fluid & Thermostat
Front and Rear Brake Pads fitted in March 2017
Rear Reflector Strip has been fitted as it is compulsory a various countries.
Also comes with complete owners manual

We will replace oil, oil filter and fuel filter at time of selling - New Air Filter was fitted in October
Previous to buying it, we were told it was regularly serviced also.

The extras
We have lived in this vehicle for 10 months and it comes with many things necisarry to travel in. Including all bedding, cooking stoves & utensils etc + much more.

We have all paperwork, up to date revision tecnica, no outstanding Toll Fees etc. All you need is a Chilean RUT number that we can help you with if you need.

Please Contact us if you have any questions. [email protected] or [email protected]
We are also happy to help with any travel plans, questions eg. (Happy to help with travel info even if you aren't interested in the car)

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Hi, I'm interested! What is the mileage of the car though?

Cheers, Artur

Thu, 03/30/2017 - 03:19 (Reply to #2)


Hey Arthur,
Sorry I forgot to put it on.
It is currently at 253,000. We guess we will add another 6000 getting back to Chile.
Cheers Danny and Hayley