2002 Chevy Express Van/ Home for sale in Chile May/ June 2014

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2002 Chevy Express Van/ Home for sale in Chile May/ June 2014

We'll be in Chile next April/May/June (2014) and will be selling our beloved Ballena Blanco ("White Whale").

She's an incredible rig that has taken us over America, Mexico and Central America in 8 months. This is just a premature post to get some feelers out there and see if we can line up some interested parties to inspect the vehicle next year.


The car specs:

- 5.7L V8 Chevy Express Cargo Van

- Automatic transmission

- Air conditioning (cools the entire van like a fridge!)

- Radio (no CD player or MP3) and comes with speakers for ipod and power converter for cig lighter port.

- Not 4WD but has been raised and has great clearance. (we have taken her on some pretty rough tracks and river crossings and she's handled fantastically)


Work done so far:

- In San Diego we had extensive work done for the journey. We have kept receipts of every penny spent on our baby.

- Brand new all terrain tyres, 4 new suspension arms, new brake systems (calipers and all), new horn, tune up at 188K with 3 new spark plugs, distributer cap replaced.

- Camping setup: has large shelf on one side large enough for all your goodies, double sized bed (Queen?) on a custom bed frame with plenty of storage space underneath, air vent installed on roof.

- Only general services needed so far in Mexico and Costa Rica.


Also included:

- Everything we have accumulated that we can't fit in our backpacks!

- 4-5 surfboards (7"0 Mexican shaped rig for learners, 6"6 Gun, 6"2 shorty, 6"1 Merrick, 5"8 Ironcross Trog)

- Fishing gear

- Snorkelling gear

- Mattress, mattress protector, quilts x2, an array of pillows.

- 2 burner gas stove with refillable 8kg gas tank.

- Pots and pans, cutlery, etc.

- Curtains for the front cabin, wall fabric, fly screen for the side door (if you want it open at night)

- Esky, big storage containers and more!


We have had her regularly checked and serviced since with no problems. We will continue to give her love and look after her until we part ways next year.

We are looking for $12,000 for the whole package. If you're interested i can inbox you more photos and details.



Sunny & Lexy

Fri, 01/03/2014 - 10:34

General enquiries

Hey guys, We'll be in Santiago this April and are interested in your beautiful home! Is this price negotiable? We only wanted to spend about 8k on a car but if yours comes with everything setup already it could be an option for us. Also it's definitely automatic yeh? We could probably wait till late April to buy it but not much later. Few more questions if you don't mind ... Where are you now? How low would you be willing to accept? How does registration work? What size are the surfboards? How regularly have you serviced it? I think that'll do it for now . Can't wait to hear back from you and safe travels!!! Rach & Jess

Tue, 01/02/2018 - 02:04


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