2003 Ford 350 Diesel Pick-Up Truck, w/bed camper option

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2003 Ford 350 Diesel Pick-Up Truck, w/bed camper option

Hola Amigos, Two years ago, I shipped this truck from NYC to Santiago Chile. My use of this truck is coming to an end. I have the following options: A) Sell to a traveler who wants to buy in South America B) Ship back to USA C) Drive it back to the USA. I would prefer option (A).

2003 Ford 350. 4x4, V8/7.3 liter Power-Stroke Engine. 4 Door (Super Crew Cab). Lariat Trim Package = all power/all leather with two power/heated front seats. 8ft Bed. Truck Bed Liner. Leer 180 SD Cap w/indoor lights and tinted/lockable windows, w/mosquito mesh. Tow Package. Thule Roof Racks. Surco Cargo Rack. Two Spare Tires. Custom Storage/Sleeping System. Current mileage in 90,000 miles. Average 14-15 MPG, both city and mountains.

Why Buy this Truck?

  1. For anyone wishing to drive back to the USA, the re-sell value of this truck is extremely GOOD! Please do your research, but I bought one similar to this, 4 years ago, for $16,500 USD. I drove it to Alaska with my slide-in camper and returned 25,000 miles later and sold it immediately for $15,500 USD. Ford does not make this engine anymore (2003 was the last year) = this engine had a great reputation and there are thousands of loyal 7.3 liter Power-Stroke Diesel fans in the U.S.A = this truck, with low miles, is rare to find in the USA = someone would buy it instantly (especially people in the trade business .e.g. carpenters, builders, etc) = for the budget conscious travel, the upfront cost is not cheap, but you should be able to get your money back out of it (again, do some research and you should understand what I am trying to say...the numbers should work).
  2. The engine in this truck is known to last for 100's of thousands of miles, with only routine oil changes. It is a very-very powerful engine with 4x4 = up/down mountains with extreme ease; even with a large slide-in camper. Speaking of, the chasis/frame on this tuck can handle even the largest campers; without any issue regarding weight in the rear truck bed/suspension = no sagging and good ground clearance! Plus, even with a large camper in the back, the MPG stays the same = 14-15MPG Always! This is one reason why diesel vs. gas, diesel is the way to go for over-land travelers.
  3. The truck is pre-loaded with a camper tie-down system = you could rent/buy any size camper and slide it in and go. FYI, good slide-in campers are available for sale in Chile and Argentina. Note: Thinking about buying a campers/camper vans? In certain markets, camper vans can be very hard to re-sell; a good truck offers more opportunities to sell to in variety of markets, especially in the USA.
  4. Comfort. This is a 1 ton truck with four full size doors = if you are tall/large (or, not) and are traveling with 2 or more people = cruises over Patagonia nasty dirt roads at 65mph, with extreme personal comfort. Front seats fold rearward = great sleeping seat.
  5. 8ft Bed, w/ Leer Truck Cap and Custom Built Storage/Sleep = Less is More! I like to travel light and depend on basic tools/equipment (things that function well, in all conditions). So, rather than use a slide-in camper, riddled with potential problems, I designed the space for 2-3 people to sleep, and for equipment storage, below sleeping platform. You can pull over anywhere and sleep in the back, with lights and bug free! The Storage system is virtually theft proof = if they get through a window, but not the tailgate, they would have to use a saw to cut through the wood!
  6. The wooden storage system is designed to be slide in/out, yet it fits tightly so it does not move at all, while driving. I designed it this way so if I wanted to buy a slide in-camper, I could easily take it out, temporarily or permanently. There are three storage drawers: (2) 6ft and (1) 5 ft. On each side, you have the ability to stuff equipment (see photos). Lastly, there is a large hatch door, located beneath the sleeping platform (below where you would place your pillows; it can holds tents, sleeping bags and lots more! The security advantage = if you store all equipment underneath the sleeping platform, the back space looks empty = no theft!
  7. Front Roof Rack = Can hold two spare tires. Rear Roof Rack = custom made marine wood, bolted to Thule racks = can hold kayaks, bikes, and lots more. Wooden platform/rack has holes so you can easily tie-down equipment. Plus, if needed to take apart for oceanic shipping, it will fit inside the truck bed. Speaking of, the front roof rack can fit inside the rear truck bed with the wooden rack.
  8. Tires = Just put on 3 Yokohamma and 1 Pirelli = lots of life left. Spares = Firestone with rim, and Kelly w/out rim.
  9. Overall Condition = for an 11 year old truck, this truck is in excellent shape and with proper care, it will last for many more years to come.
  10. Last and most important = if you really want to see Patagonia, i.e. travel the dirt road less traveled, this truck will take you to places that camper vans or other smaller vehicles can't!

Price? I have been told the value of this truck, in South America, is double its value in the USA. That sounds nice for the seller, but it is only true if the truck has legal title in a South American country such as Chile or Argentina (it does not). The title is clear/free and the truck is legally registered/titled in New Hampshire, USA. So, the value is based on the American market, not South America. Two years ago, I bought this for $20,500 USD. The LEER Truck Cap was bought new $1,500 USD. Custom Built Storage System was $1,500. Thule and Surco Racks were bought $1500 USD. Grand Total = $25,000 USD. Rather than shipping it home (-/+ $5,000 USD), or driving it home, and considering some of the extra's that come with the truck, I am asking $19,950 USD/OBRO. Cash transaction or e-wire only.


Investment?  I am guessing, after driving it to the USA, depending on the condition, and with 100,000-120,000 miles, you cold sell between $16-18,000 USD. Truck is currently located in Junin de los Andes, Argentina.  Via plane, I will be traveling back to the USA on May 05, 2014 (truck stays at my friends house and can be shown anytime).  

I welcome questions.  My contact Info: [email protected], or Skype and Facebook (Mark Foley).  

For photos, please visit my blog at www.firstcastflyfishing.blogspot.com and then visit the 'Photo' tab.  Thanks for looking.