2008 Chevrolet Express Ambulance - Campervan for sale in SANTIAGO!

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2008 Chevrolet Express Ambulance - Campervan for sale in SANTIAGO!

UPDATE! The vehicle is now in Santiago!


We are selling our good travel companion. We bought the van in Santiago, Chile in January 2018 and have driven down to Patagonia. Good ground clearance, off-road tyres and a powerful engine have allowed us great access to these rugged parts of the continent.
The car was an ambulance and was modified to be a perfect camper by a mechanic in Chile. It can accommodate 3 persons easily and it is very comfortable for 2 people.


At an extra-wide 1.9m and with a raised roof that provides good head/standing room, it is very liveable for long trips. Side and rear double doors, plus big windows opens ups the living space and provides awesome views from bed. Walking access between the front seats and the back living area add to the spacious feel and make for easy access to everything at all times.

Its comes fully kitted with full size double bed, desk/table, it has lots of shelf space, and large storage space under the bed for camping gear & surf boards or skis.

2008 model with 90,000 miles on odometer,
ABS Brakes, airbags, safety radar, power steering, AC, automatic gears and a powerful
V8 petrol engine. Consumption 6.5km/L
on average.
The van has some scratches and dents, but aside from some minor repairs it has given us no problems driving all the way down to Patagonia. The previous owner installed a new battery, replaced all the brake pads. We put almost new HANKOOK MT tyres and did routine oil changes, etc.
The van comes with:

plastic and wooden boxes for storage
5kg gas canister
huge deep-cycle battery
and all the little things you need for road compliance like:

spare wheel, jack, fire extinguisher, steering-lock, extra-fuel and water tanks, spade, pots cups, plates, cutlery, basic toolset and other smaller useful things like glues, screws etc. (No sink/toilet)
Year: 2008
Transmission: Automatic
Fuel type: Petrol
Distance: ca. 90.000 miles
Consumption: 6.5 km/l
Engine type: V8
Tyres: Hankook MT on all four, in good condition

Permisso de Circulacion (road tax) and Seguro Obligatorio (obligatory insurance) are both valid till the end of March 2019. All other papers are also up to date.

Price: US$ 12,750 neg.
Sold as is.

Available from: Early May 2018.
Chile: Santiago 

Don’t hesitate to ask for more information! Although due to the lack of constant internet access we might only reply in a few days time.

Contact: [email protected]

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UPDATE! The vehicle can be viewed in Santiago from 23rd of April!

Tue, 04/24/2018 - 00:35


!!! UPDATE !!! The vehicle is now in Santiago!