4WD Camper FOR SALE | 2001 Mitsubishi Montero

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4WD Camper FOR SALE | 2001 Mitsubishi Montero

Hello travellers, our 5 month road trip is coming to an end and we need to sell our travel partner for the last few months. We plan to sell end of November - December, at the latest early January between North Chile and Santiago, depending on the buyer. Right now we are in Peru and travelling down the coast to Chile.

For more photos, please visit mitsubishimontero2001forsale.weebly.com


Our car is a Mitsubishi Montero 2001 bought from a genuine Mitsubishi dealership. We are yet to have any issues with it!

Limited 4dr SUV (3.5L V6 4x4 5-speed Automatic) with 198 000km. The car runs on gas, not diesel, which is handy and easy to get everywhere. The fuel economy is excellent for this kind of vehicle.

  • a/c 
  • cruise control
  • sound system (cd, am/fm radio/aux (to plug phone, tablet etc into)
  • front and passenger seat warmers
  • sunroof - you can open this at night to get air without security issues
  • service manual in Spanish + digital copy in English • new tires (see below)
  • keypad coded lock ignition security system (see below)
  • car alarm (see below)
  • chilean plates
  • steel bed frame (see below)
  • tinted windows AND curtains
  • front windscreen shade
  • metal bash plates (front and rear)
  • roof racks
  • roof basket
  • petrol tank 25L and 2 x water tanks 20L each
  • recovery ladders MAXTRAX
  • 12 tonne rated snatch strap (7m x 100mm) & 2 x bow shackles (4.75 tonne)
  • 3 ratchet straps (1 x air force standard) & occy straps
  • 12v mini air compressor (adequately pumps up 4WD tires) & tire repair kit
  • jump leads, basic tools & car jack
  • spare belts (2) fuses and hoses (2)
  • steering wheel lock
  • axe (if all else fails...and sometimes for timber)
  • 3 x double adapter usb plugs - the car has 2 x front cigarette lighters and 1 x rear cigarette lighter
  • 12v vaccuum
  • gas cooker with all kitchen accessories (pot, pan, plates, bowls, cutlery, utensils etc) and 2 x plastic storage tubs for accessories and food - we found having food and accessories seperate to be vital
  • Coleman esky/ice box
  • fly screen to go over sunroof
  • first aid kit, safety triangles and fire extinguisher
  • antifreeze
  • doona, 4 x pillows, sheets, good quality mattress that is super comfy
  • tarp/awning that you can put over the sun roof or set up from the side of the car
  • solar shower and portable gas-powered shower (actual hot showers!) with cannister (optional, $200), portable shower screen - you can shower anywhere
  • foldaway table and 2 x chairs
  • 3 x maps for the entire continent & Lonely Planet Argentina 

The front tires have 5 000km on them and the rear tires have only just been replaced in the last 2 days. We estimate that we will drive another 5 000km left on our trip. The front tires are Hankook Dynapro ATM 31x10.50r15 ($230US for each).

The car has a keypad coded lock ignition security system, so you cannot start the car without the pin (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8S5r3Aa8Pv0&feature=youtu.be). It also has a VERY loud car alarm (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q9boaQTExdA&feature=youtu.be).

Plates are from Chile, very easy to cross borders in all America with out problems. It's also very easy to do the owner transfer, and we can help you out with the process.

We "camperized" it with a very confortable bed in the rear. The rear seats are all still available if needed and available in Santiago.

The bed-frame was custom fabricated from steel which offers good strength but most importantly reduces the size of the frame and lets you store more stuff! The 3 panels of ply can be lifted to access storage under the bed and the rear of the frame has a portable shelf that you can assemble and disassemble easily (as shown in pictures). The rear door can be locked when opened and can be used as a windbreak when cooking.

The windows in the rear are heavily tinted, curtains screen off all 4 sides of the sleeping quarters for complete privacy. You can leave your stuff and sleep comfortably knowing that people can not see you from the outside. In the front, the glass has been tinted to the legal maximum so that police don't bother you when driving. The windscreen shade also helps with privacy and blocks out light and heat.

The car is equipped with metal bash plates on the front and rear which is absolutely integral for off road/4WDing. You will need 4WD on South American roads, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Apart from the main roads, most are still goat tracks and if you want to see the countries properly AND have the ability to camp in isolated areas, invest in a car with 4WD.

On the roof we have installed roof bars and a roof basket to enable you to carry extra gear. There are 2 x 20L tanks and 1 x 25L petrol/gas tank and also recovery ladders (which we used numerous times on some of the crazy roads that you will come across too).

The car is ready to drive and we haven't had any issues with it. The antenna needs to be replaced but the radio still works. We had a full service done to the car at a Mitsubishi dealer 11 000km (with receipt) after we bought it and the rear brakes were also changed. The oil and air filters changed at the service, oil changed at 5 000km and  11000km (when we had a service). Spark plugs were changed at 11 000km (not a part of the service). The wheels have been regularly alligned and balanced throughout the trip. The underside was sprayed to prevent rust.

We are selling the car for USD 7800. Overall we've spent over $11 000 on the car, so you are getting it for a bargain and should be able to resell the car for the same amount, depending on the length of your trip :).

If you want to arrange a time to see the car, skype chat, or ask any questions, please email [email protected]. We will get back to you ASAP. When we are in Chile, we will get a phone number and update this space.

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is it still for sale?


Next week we arrive in Santiago; is the car still for sale?

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We want to travel to peru and buy a car in there, I need the some car but for a less price. Sure you can low the price three thousand five hundred dolars. It's a good price.