4WD Van MITSUBISHI DELICA with bed - Peru, Colombia or around

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4WD Van MITSUBISHI DELICA with bed - Peru, Colombia or around

General information
Mitsubishi Delica 2800 turbodiesel intercooler
4WD with extra low gear and differential lock
Building year: 1996
Automatic gearbox
Right hand drive
ODO: 235 000 km

About us:
We bought the van five months ago in Suriname. We drove it all the way to Ushuaia and right now we are driving north and plan to sell it between March and July 2015 somewhere between Peru and Venezuela. It is not really the end of our trip, but right now we are still kind of flexible. This means that in case of seriously interested buyers we can drive to any of the following countries to sell the car: Peru, Bolivia, Columbia, Ecuador, Venezuela.

More about the car:
It’s a small 4WD which will bring you to places difficult or even impossible to reach with a normal vehicle or a campervan. It is also easy to drive and park in bigger cities. There is no need to pay for hostels, no need to look and pay for busses or trains and you can cook on your own instead of going to restaurants. There is a fixed bed installed and there are boxes underneath to store all the stuff you need. We are cooking at two drawers at the back. Its easy travelling, just get in and drive, visit things, when tired crawl in the back...

Service history:
During our trip we went to the garage regularly to do all the necessary oil and filter changes and replaced the following parts: shock absorbers, upper and lower balljoints in the front.  Furthermore, we just bought a new battery and the injectors and the fuel pump were newly calibrated.

- converter 12 to 220V
- pioneer radio with CD and MP3
- fuel can 20 liters for long roads
- fresh water reservoir 30 liters
- steering lock
- box for cooking with 2 portable gascookers and pot/pan/plates/cutlery/etc.
- toolbox with booster cables, small goodyear airpump to inflate the tyres after beach or difficult road, some spanners, rachet set, crowbar, hammer, screwdrivers, chisels, vicegrip, some other basic tools
- sheets, mattress, a thick and a thin blanket, pillows
- 4 good tyres and a new spare (we just bought two new BF Goodrich AT tyres)
- some other small stuff, the complete basics for travelling.
- two hammocks and two mosquito nets

For details and pictures please send me an e-mail:
[email protected]