4x4 Mitsubishi Montero (Pajero) 2001 in Buenos Aires / Santiago Chile

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#1 Thu, 12/04/2014 - 18:56

4x4 Mitsubishi Montero (Pajero) 2001 in Buenos Aires / Santiago Chile

Really nice 4x4 Montero (Pajero) with Chile plates

I bought it for a longer trip, I have been out sailing for 5 years, 3 yrs down here in South America/Antarctic. When I sold my boat in Uruguay I decided to take my Argentina GF on a tour. Sadly we just broke up and I will fly to Sweden for X-mas. I have a return ticket in January. Right now its here in Buenos Aires with me and I will park it at my boat club when going home. I CAN drive it to Santiago if the deal is secured before 12 of December.

This great little car have been round a few tours here in South America, a French couple, then a Canadian guy before me. Doing the same tour, south then north, Argentina, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay. Always taken care of, papers to show. I have tested it out from Santiago to here, then for 3 weeks around Uruguay. It gots what you need for a tour:


- 3.6 L 24 valves gasoline engine
- 2wd - 4wd high gear and low gear
- differential
- automatic 4 speed
- power windows all around
- aircon with new gas
- new speakers
- rails
- fog lights rear/front
- rear wiper, big side mirrors
- great servo for city driving and offroad
- new front tires semi-road
- new rear tires 50/50 offroad (where it matters so to speak)
- all in order, nice looks
- new sun film
- all oils changed last month
- anti theft: alarm, spare wheel chain, 2 remote keys, anti theft steering wheel bar with key, extra locks.
- 2 tons, high clearance, tough looks. But drives like a shopping car downtown.
- all papers up to date!

CAN be included
- new Sony stereo with all: Iphone, bluetooth, USB, CD etc.
- boxes with all kinds of stuff, a lot of maps of SA/books, shovel, oils, spares, new great camping chairs, a lot of tools, tarp, water jugs, gasoline jugs, ropes, extra high-jack, unused real spare tire, new fire extinguisher, triangle, medical kit and a lot more.
- I also have a lot of gear off my boat that might be of interest: 2 x Thermarest thick inflatable camping mattress, 3 person tent, warm clothing, sail gear, headlamps, battery charger, handheld GPS, water tight bags, coffee maker, sauna, inflatable luxury yacht with heli-pad. 

The car runs great, +170.000 km only and so far only a bumper crack (small) so gently driven mostly in cities. The car had a "bed" when I bought it but I did not like the design, there are better solutions. Down here in city I like to drive with friends so all three seats are in now. I double is easy to take out, or all three. My idea is to have one seat for passengers and build a foldable bed construction that is easy to tuck away. I have the tools here and maybe I do it just for fun. I like real solutions...I have a 10 cm viscoelastic top pillox 180x200 for this that is unused, from IKEA.

I can guide you through the process in Santiago for a change of owner. I managed to do this in only THREE days but it takes determination and knowledge. The car is insured for whole Mercosur and Chile (not real member actually) until May. Emission and annual check-up is done.


Asking 9000 USD. But if I'm thrown an offer SOON (in time before I go home) I can make a really good deal. I will help you out.

I have been through this process myself and probably done exactly what you trying to do so if not this car suits you, ask any question anyway!

email me at [email protected] or skype nemoofsweden

SEE VIDEO AT: http://youtu.be/a_tTX3rLFWk

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Thu, 12/04/2014 - 19:00


If not sold right away I have plans to revisit friends in Ushuaia in February. The car can then shift owner via lawer or in southern place like Punta Arenas. IF that would help you :) Got on the road now!

Thu, 12/11/2014 - 13:27

S-O-L-D for a lower price

Car is now SOLD!

If you want a background check of the car UN3236 send me a message. Or if you want info about buyers (if they sell it again) that could also be doable. Or ANY other question about travelling south South America in a car. Or boat.