98 nissan pathfinder 3.3 v6 for sale BC plates

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#1 Tue, 12/13/2016 - 19:39

98 nissan pathfinder 3.3 v6 for sale BC plates

Hi, the time has come to sell Betty my balck 98 nissan pathfinder. 

I have owned her for almost 3 years now, and its time to pass her on to some one new. I have driven down from vancouver and made it to Nicaragua with out any problems.

Shes a black nissan pathfinder 98 chilkoot special model.

3.3l v6 petrol with 288000 kms on the clock and running perfect.

4x4 with 2 hi 4hi and 4 low range automatic gearbox

tyres have less than 15000 kms on them, 31 x 10.5 all terrains and i have replaced lots of parts before starting the trip south such as shock absorbers, belts, engine pulleys, radiator, plugs and have changed the engine oil every 5000 kms.

It has a large lockable roof top box that we keep surfboards and some camping gear in, a bed built in the back but still allows all the seats to be used, I usually have 3 or 4 people in the car so it was important for me to keep all the seats usable 

it has a bluetooth stereo and i upgraded all the speakers, lots of charging points in the car for phones and laptops. the car will come all the camping gear, tools and any extras I have as i need to fly out. 

It has sheets, pillows, blanket and a foam matress, not the thickest but still comfortable.

Cooking utensils, plates, bowls, pot, pan, A TOASTED SANDWHICH maker!!! and more miscellanious stuff

An electric cooler and a gas burner

I'm a mechanic so I bought enough tools to fix most stuff on the car if we ran into any problems

Reflective triangle, fire extinguisher, jumper leads and all the other stuff need to get through police blocks

Also has some spare parts which I thought may have been hard to get such as a spare computer and front wheel bearings but it turns out theres quite alot of pathfinders in central america.

Betty has been the perfect car for roadtripping and searching for surf through central america, lots of time cruising along empty beaches and 4wd tracks, she handles the horrible roads like a champ and has enough power to get around traffic, she also doesn't stand out as much as some other tourist cars because shes a bit older and a common car down here.

She does have a few bad points, theres some cosmetic damage at the left rear from a previous owner, the windscreen is crack along the bottom but has been that way for years and the exhaust has developed a crack so shes sounds a bit louder but not bad, snores like a cat.

I have had alot of adventures with Betty and I'm really not looking forward to selling but its time to go home and unfortunately she cant come with, shes reliable and will be the perfect rig for anyone that wants to explore, she deserves to keep cruising around and not end up at the wreckers

Im asing for $3300 US dollars or make a reasonable offer, ive taken photos of some of the gear thats included



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