Amazing Ford Van with 2 double beds (6000 USD to sell end of may in Peru)

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Amazing Ford Van with 2 double beds (6000 USD to sell end of may in Peru)

This is a one of kind Ford camper 4 wheel drive van. We bought this van in Brazil beginning of January 2016 and are now driving it through Argentina, Chile, Bolivia and Peru. This incredible van is thus our home for the next 5 months and allows us to visit many local NGOs do our humanitarian project Share A Dream ( 

Whilst the time of owning her, the previous owners we have visited several mechanics to future the well running of her! But each visit they replaced with highest quality of parts to insure that it would make the journey! The current odometer reading is 280000 km and it is still running very well.

At the beginning of June we will finish our field mission in South America and have to return back home to Switzerland. We thus plan to sell the van end of Mai, beginning of June around Peru or maybe Equador.

PRICE: 6’000USD ! We bought the van in January 2016 for 6’500USD with all the equipment inside and with 271’000 kilometres. (See equipment and motor description below). Since then we took good care of it! We believe Betsey has what it needs to last three or four more trips around South America. At this time, we replaced the four tires which are brand new. We will sell it in Peru end of may.

EMAIL [email protected]   FACEBOOK: Niklas Van Neyghem
            [email protected]                    Olivier Eyries

To list all of the items in this car would take up pages upon pages so there will be plenty of surprises when you buy it, but we will list a few: has a full 1200 watt power convertor hooked up to a 45 watt solor panel then two the second deep cycle battery. Also hooked of the convertor there is a small refrigerator to keep the beer cold.

• 12000 pound heavy duty truck winch and custom fabricated winch.
• JVC sterio head unit, soney 12 stacker CD player and sony speakers.
• 800 watt portable generator
•  good quality electric car tyre air compressor
• 5 meter x 2.5 meter fold away owening
• 20 litre emergency fuel can and 20 litre emergency water
• 6 ton HI-LIFT 4x4 car jack.
Complete outdoor kitchen!
• 2 burner BBQ and table/ wind barrier/ 2 X 15 litre gas bottels
• total cooking prep and knifeware utencil. Knifes, sharpener, spacheler,serving spoon,graiter,pealer,can opener,rolling pin,
• 3 fry pans, saucepan, pressure cooker, pots, grilll
• All necessary cutlery for aprox 5 people
• Bowls, plates, cups and glasses for 5 people
• Blender, electric sandwich press

• 2 8ft camping tents
• 3 meter X 5 meter synthetic camping grass
• 2 portable tables
• 2 shovels
• 1 full sized axe, 1 small axe tomahawk
• 3 heavy duty camping tarpolens. Small medium large
• 5 extension camping polls and rope. Ect

• golf clubs and balls
• frizby
• basket ball
• baseball
• wetsuit
• Slingshot

• Handsaw ,hamer, full set of spaners and sockets, multigrips, corking gun, screwdrivers, vice grips, glues, lubericants, bonding adheasive, drill bits,assorted screws, ect

• New brake pads, new transmission done by specialised mechanic, replaced tyres, new fan belt (serpentine), new water pump, installed 2nd oil radiator for transmission, new spark plugs, spark plug leads and distributors cap, new thermostat, new air filters, new rear brake lines, new rear tail lights and indicating lights, new tires, ect
If feeling in need of adventure and excitement give us a email and come on down and check out this life changing experience :) 

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