Anyone towed a caravan/rv trailer round South America?

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#1 Thu, 09/25/2014 - 07:20

Anyone towed a caravan/rv trailer round South America?


we're considering buying a car and towing a caravan/rv trailer behind to travel around South America. Looking for advice from anyone else who has done this eg security, going into cities, where to leave it when you don,t want to use it for a few days, road surfaces, countries where it's more difficult? All and any advice welcome. 


Many thanks, Gill, Danny and the kids

Sun, 09/28/2014 - 12:43

have seen an occasional

have seen an occasional caravan-car combination - one in El Chalten, couple in Brazil, one in Chile - all owned by locals.


You will have two problems - first finding a suitable tow vehicle that you can buy legally within a reasonable time and would be able to drive out of that country (can't in Argentina) and then finding a suitable caravan in the same country that you can register and take out of the country.


Given the small number of any sort of privately-owned RVs on the road (except for perhaps southern Brazil), I'd say your chances of pulling it off are pretty small.

Tue, 10/28/2014 - 17:38

The roads are not good down

The roads are not good down here, and there are so many trucks on the mountain passes (which are also the main roads - You can't avoid them !!) , it would be difficult - Not impossible, but traumatic is probably a better word. I am just in a big 4 WD (just a Toyota Landcruiser) and I wouldn't like to be on these roads in anything much bigger.  And I am someone to whom driving is a joy and a hobby - Normally !

Down here the issue is the other guy.  The other vehicle or truck coming round a blind corner on your side of the road, so you have to be able to avoid things quickly.  A caravan would make this harder.  Then people overtaking you on blind corners and who then cut in on you when something suddenly comes the other way, so you have to brake suddenly. 

And parking / turning around is hard at the best of times - The bigger you are, the harder it is.  Many city centres are narrow streets with cars parked on one side.  Local cars and taxis are little micro cars to enable them to get through !

If you are happy to do it, it is perfectly possible.  Just do it with your eyes open !!