Astrovan 4.3 for sale in Santiago-Chile at the end of June or beginning of July

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Astrovan 4.3 for sale in Santiago-Chile at the end of June or beginning of July


Hi future traveler(s),

After almost 5 months of traveling between Chile, Ushuaia, Argentina, Uruguay, Cuzco and South Peru it is time for us to put on sale our Astro, our  friend of travel.

Here is a 2002 Chevrolet Astro Ls, registered in Chile, automatic transmission and cruisser speed with about 220000km at the time of sale, end of July, beginning of July.
The big advantage of this Van is its exterior simplicity to go anywhere, with a huge 4.3 engine.

Here is the list of repairs made:

- Change of front pads and disk brake also rear pads break (August 2018)
- Change of 6 candlestick 4.3 U/6, 5.7 U/8 (August 2018)
- Change of main belt , use only one (August 2018)
- Refill of A/C gas (November 2018)
- Change of 4 tires Dunlop A/T (November 2018)
- Change of battery Bosch MF 75-615 (November 2018)
- Radiator and water pump (February 2019)
- Change front and rear shock absorbers  Monroe (April 2019)
- Change of front pads of brake (April 2019)
- Cleannig of injectors with cleaner on fuel tank (April 2019)
- Change of pair of upper front knee caps (April 2019)
- Change of  two pair of direction terminals in front axle (June 2019)  
- Change of pair rubbers anti-roll bar (June 2019)

Extras installed:

- Spare wheel under the rear end of the vehicle, normal size.
- Spare wheel on the top of the van, small size.
- A new alarm system with a distance engine inmobilizator.
- Safety triangle, jack, fire extinguisher, coolant, oil can.
- Toolbox with the basic tools you will need to fix the van, scotch tapes, adhesive glues, also with spare fuses and lamps.
- Air compressor for cars wheels.
- GPS Higher, 2018 sudamerican maps in extra SD memory.
- For security pepper gas and electric shock gun 50000V (we never had to use it).
- 2 bluetooth portable speakers JBL, Go and Clip 3 models.
- Electric cooler Mobicool 220AC/12DC , 48lt.
- Cooler 22lt.
- Solar panel system (50W panel)  with controller , 220V conversor and 12V extra battery.
- Internal lights 220V (tree lights) and portátil flashlight 360º.
- Portatil solar outdoor shower.
- Outdoor folding table  (150X70cms).
- 2 camping chairs.
- Sun umbrela UV protection.
- 1,5p wooden bed with foam mattress (we had a sring mattress and we decided it to change).
- 2 memory foam pillows.
- 2 bed sheets sets.
- 1 winter quilt.
- Full covered with black out curtains.
- 2 extra and secret storage under the bed.
- 4 plastic boxes 36lt for clothes and extra stuff (under de bed).
- 20lt drink wáter tank with manual pump.
- 25lt removable consumption water tank and plastic sink with a cap on the rear door.
- 2 portatil gas stove Doite (perfect condition) 110ml propane cylinders with a steel wind protector.
- Multiple storage for cooking utensiles.
- Cooking utensils: forks, knives, spoons, wooden spoon, cups, glasses, dishes ceramic and steel, skimmer...
- Pressure cooker, frying pan and 2 extra little pans.
- Cutting table.
- Portable barbecue 45cm diam.
- Spanish Paella 45cm diam.

For mechanical details, the van is from 2002, 4.3CC engine.
It will display 220 000km aprox. and consumes an average of 12L / 100km on highway.

Available at the end of June or beginning of July in Santiago – Chile.

For the administrative procedures, we will need to go together to a notary, it’s an easy process, the buyer use to pay the bills (150USD aprox).
All the paper are at day, circulation permit and chilean soat untill March 2020.

Contact :

Phones & WhatsApp: Cristobal +56974666412 and Margarita +56954636929
E-mails: [email protected] and [email protected] .