border crossing help panama to costa rica ASAP

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#1 Fri, 09/20/2013 - 14:22

border crossing help panama to costa rica ASAP

sorry for the quick write up but we are in urgent need to help getting our newly bought car from panama to costa rica. we bought the car from another couple who had gotten it in the usa and driven down through central america. we bought the car in panama and did all the full transfers and sales with the other couple there. we are now at the border with them and all was good until we tried to get the car past due to a rule that apparently states that the car cannot come back into costa rica since it had already had been issued a 90 day tourist transit. the aduana is saying that the car cannot come back into costa rica for 3 months until its old tourist visa is up. we as people are allowed, but not the car. there so far seems to be no way out of it, even though the car is now under our name. if anyone has any insight that would be amazing as the 4 of us, previous owners and new owners are now sitting in border purgatory.

Sat, 09/21/2013 - 06:23

Yes that is correct.  Once

Yes that is correct.  Once the 90day visa is used up you must wait a period of 90days before being able to re-enter the country w/ vehicle.  If the previous owners had time left on their visa you may be able to convince them to reinstate it with a note saying it is just for transit.  We just went though that process to get our vehicle out of San Jose and into Panama.  We had 10 days left on our cancelled visa and were able to reinstate it for 10 days.

I won't lie, it will take some convincing!  And definitely won't work if the previous visa is used up

Good Luck!