Bushwakka Bhoma Off-Road Caravan for sale / Ecuador, Peru or Chile

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#1 Wed, 11/30/2016 - 15:44

Bushwakka Bhoma Off-Road Caravan for sale / Ecuador, Peru or Chile

We are a family of 7 travelling South Amerika with our Defender 110 and our Bushwakka Bhoma Off-Road trailer and a big Howling Moon roof-top tent. We started our magical journey in June 2016 and will end our trip somwhere April-June 2017 as our kids need to attend school again.... one year drop-out from school is the max possible.

So we either ship all back to Holland or only the Landy and sell the trailer to the next family to have a magical journey. The trailer is really comfortable, provides all needs and is especially suitable for travelling the South American climate. (We would not travel colder climates with it although it has heating and hot water)

Well...about the trailer... it's South African build for the real Off-Road out of alluminium and stainless. It has 2 very comfortable double beds of 150x200 cm / large National Luna duo fridge, freezer, fully equiped kitchen for 6 perseons with 2 burner gas stove, wash bashin / dish wash area, 140 litres watertank, waterpurification system, Webasto evo top 6 for interior heating and hot water, outside shower (shower cubicle availible but we never used it), 360 degrees awning of 8x6 metres with reflective sun cover, side panels to turn the awning into a tent, loads of storage options, upgraded hydrolic drum brakes, led light trouhout, 220/110V inverter, double battery system which is fed from the car, solar or grid. 

This is not a standard caravan, but a real rugged Off-Road caravan which is something between a carvan and a tented trailer, a genie in a bottle, very compact and manouvarable when towing and very airy and spacious when deployed. All sides can be zipped open and have mosquito netting. Bushwakka itself calls it the Rolls Royce under the real off-road caravans and we will not state otherwise having travelled with it now over 5 months. The trailer has Dutch registration plates and was imported new from South Africa in 2016 and will be availible in a spotless state somewere in April-June 2017.

We are towing the Bhoma with a Defender 110 TD5 and basically goes where the Landy goes. Dry weight is 1370kg and fully loaded will put around 2000kg on the display depending on what you all want to carry with you.  Ow yeah.. our costs to have it imported in NL with modifications installing the Webasto etc. Did run up to EUR 35k

Have a look at 


This gives a good vieuw of the Bhoma. I will upload pictures from our files in shortly

Just checking if there is any interest for this kind a trailer....any questions? Just ask.. :)








Mon, 07/31/2017 - 23:43

information about your trip with children

We like to have contact with you by telephone. We are 2 dutch families both with 1 child planning with us for the journey.

Are you back in Holland now. Please contact me by phone or email, so I can hear about your adventure in S America

Bram Snaterse, 06-53905431 [email protected]


Sat, 10/07/2017 - 11:08


My name os Ramiro Gomez I am from Argentina and I think I saw you in the holiday inn in ir Guayaquil.
Í regret at that time.not to give you my number because I want that trailer.
If you are still trying to sell it IAm interested
My Mobile is +50766225131
Hope hearing from you.