Buying a car in Chile and selling somewhere else.

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#1 Sat, 02/24/2018 - 13:43

Buying a car in Chile and selling somewhere else.

Hi there,

we were long reading all the offers of cars in this forum to find a match for us.

But when it was getting closer we realized that buying and selling a car for the Panamerica (or parts of it) is actually not really possible?!

We want to start in Chile, spend some time in South America than ship it to Panama and continue the trip through Central America. We will end up in Mexico or Guatemala depending on the time we need to get there.

But it seems to be impossible to sell the car with a Chilean registration/number plates again if you are not in Chile.

I wonder how all the people offering their cars here are getting this done?

1. From my understanding you cannot leave a coutry you have entered with a car on a tourist visa without the car accompanying you?

2. Also you wouldn`t be able to transfer the ownership while not in Chile, so the new buyer would only get a Poder to be able to cross borders? There are a lot of mentionings that foreign Poders are not accepted at some countries' borders. So just skip these countries than?!

3. What if you bought a car yourself giving you only a Poder - How to sell it again if neither you then the previous owner is the real registrant of the car? Provide a "Poder Poder"? ;)

4. Say you can't sell the car - or you really love it: Can you put it on a Vessel shipping/"taking it with you" to your home country a) from a country your car isn't registered to (i.E. Montevideo, Uruguay)? b) with only a Poder from the previous owner?

5. If I researched correctly - When leaving Chile you have to sign that you will return with your car...
What happens if you don't? (Sold or shipped in a different country). What happens to the Chilean fellow that helped you and signed for your RUT registration?

It would be great to hear from some people who managed to buy a car (i.E. in Chile) and sold it somewhere else.
Or just someone who knows how things are working in South & Central America.

Thanks for any help provided!

Marius & Sarah


Sun, 11/10/2019 - 23:11

Did you guys do it?

We're in the same situation.

How did you guys do it?

Uppi n anna

Thu, 12/19/2019 - 21:54



We are in the same situation. 
Some advice?