BUYING A CAR IN SANTIAGO DE CHILE:Why is better to go for a little help than buying the car on your own? UPDATED

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BUYING A CAR IN SANTIAGO DE CHILE:Why is better to go for a little help than buying the car on your own? UPDATED

      When I started traveling there was little information about buying a car in Chile, so I started doing everything on my own reading blogs, and seeing experiences online, I took about one month to set everything ready, spend a lot of money, and didn't find any help to built things inside my car, because I literaly didn't knew anybody who can do that for me.

Few months ago a couple of friends started the same journey but they discover in a forum, a company in santiago called Suzi santiago, they visit the website and write them an email to see if they were what they're looking for, they politely answer the email and all of the questions, here is some of the caracteristics of the company:

Is important to know that they speak spanish and english so they are really helpfull 

  • They keep contact with the foreigners even when they're not in santiago to schedule an appointment and even to give them advices about places to stay, where to change the money and little tips.
  • They help you to get all your RUT paperwork really fast, because they have reliable contacts that make everything faster in the notarys, and every proper institution
  • They help you to look for cars, first they ask you what's your preference about cars, size, color, transmission, budget, and if you planned to sleep inside of the car.
  • They make sure that the car doesn't have fake KM, fake owners history, and is in really good condition, and has all the papers up to date. They even have a blacklisted of scammers, and back dealer ship who sell fake km cars.
  • They go with you to a garage inspection in a really nice Goodyear Garage, and have the car inspected, you can check more than one car in the garage and just pick the best you like.
  • They schedule all the transfer and ownership of the car, with the seller (Usually Chilean) and make sure you have a legal autorization to go out of the country, and also sign a sworn declaration where you're agree you have to come to chile to sell the car, it's a legal clausule in chile.
  • They do a trip planning with people that has travel all over southamerica for years, and they advice you about borders,places to visit, and wich places not to visit. 
  • They help to built a bed, a kitchen and even a shower in your car if you like, and provide for you some things to equipt you car for a smaller price than the market.
  • They keep in contact with you over the whole trip, and help you if you have any problem on the road.

- This process with them takes from 1 to 1.5 weeks, and it's generally easy and fast.

- The fee for the whole process is 210,000 CLP 

- You can see that this guys have so many good reviews, and a lot of testimonies of people who had travel with them and it's the best experience.

I'll leave you the links to contact them

[email protected]