Buying a swiss car from another swiss citizen Ushuaia

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#1 Mon, 06/20/2016 - 07:46

Buying a swiss car from another swiss citizen Ushuaia

Hey Everybody,


My Name is Jonas and I'm swiss and in Switzerland right now. I am planning on buying a pickup camper from a swiss couple which will hand me the keys in december in Ushuaia.

Has anybody already done that before?
How is the best way to do it?
Are there chances for it not to work out?
What are the risks?

I trying to change my flights to arrive earlier, but for now the couple would leave before we arrive, would that compromise everything?

I thank you in advance if you can bring a little clarity in the mist of international trade and legal procedures, either by answering directly or forwarding me to relevant information :)

Have a wonderful day!

Sun, 09/04/2016 - 02:47

Don't forget that I

Don't forget that I understand that a Swiss vehicle needs to be inspected every third year in order to keep it registered.  I met Swiss people in the Americas who were having to return to Switzerland because of this law.  I hope the people you are buying the car from aren't selling you are car that is almost finshed on its registration ?

There are several countries with more difficult registration requirements so if you want to remain legal, people should avoid them  Switzerland is one, England is another (they have to be inspected every year in order to re-register). There may well be other countries with restrictions like this, so it pays to do your homework before buying a foreign car, or even before setting out on a trip in a car from these countries.  


Mon, 09/05/2016 - 03:05

Taking a chance unless the

Taking a chance unless the current owners can provide you with a comprehensive PODER plus very good copies of all their vehicle paperwork and passports AND the original TVIP still within its validity period. If you get there after the TVIP expiry date, you may have major problems. I would also NOT pay for the vehicle - apart from a modest deposit - until you get the vehicle into the next country. Also you need to be able to get legal ownership and registration back in Switzerland so you can have all documentation ready to enter the next country in your own name.  Then insurance is a consideration as most countries in South America require compulsory liability insurance.

Some people seem to be able to drive for years with a poder from the legal owners but then how do you sell a car that is not yours. There have been cases where people driving on a poder have had their vehicles confiscated when they return to Argentina.  Other possible problems is that some borders in Peru refuse to allow vehicles driven on Poders unless the actual owner is there too.

Lots of people buy and sell, but you should realise that the process is basically illegal in most countries outside of the country of original registration and further, that as stated above, unless the vehicle is fully and legally registered back home, the Vienna Convention on Road Traffic does not allow you to drive in foreign countries.  That said, lots do and never have any problems because the legal systems are fairly slack and nobody cares - of course except lawyers when you have a serious accident.