Buying a vehicle advice

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#1 Tue, 06/20/2017 - 13:42

Buying a vehicle advice

Hi all


I'm new to this, and after looking for up to date info in the forum, I can't seem to locate anything. I'm looking at buying a camper type vehicle when I get to Colombia in a few weeks. Most vehicles on this site have a varied history, and are generally being sold away from the country where they are from, by people not from either the buying or selling country!

My question is how does the transfer of ownership work? What paperwork is required (I've heard that a notarised power of attourney stating that the seller is selling the car to the purchaser is acceptable)? Is there a pre-approved ocument that I will get at any notary office? Is anything else needed? What issues can come up at border crossings, or when I come to re-sell the vehicle?

Any information from anyone who has been through this process would be a great help.



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