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California Argentina


This is Michael Micheli from SF. I’m writing to you to ask you for your help and advice on approximately how much it costs will be to go from San Francisco to Argentina going through the Darien Gap. I have been reading your Website and your trip is similar to the trip that I would like to take and the places that I would like to visit. I will be driving a Toyota Tacoma 4drs, 4x4, 6cly, 4.0, (2008) about 15 Miles per Gallon. I will be carrying my BMW R1200 GS Adventure (2008) on the back of my truck. I will not be towing it. I will probably be camping and staying in various hotels depending on the conditions (weather/safety). I want to take my time and only drive during the day. I am going to be traveling solo and I speak Spanish and English. Like I mentioned I am trying to figure out a budget. Do you think that $ 50.00 to $60.00 a day will be visible. If not who much do you think I will need. ???? Also do you know how much it costs to ship to truck from Panama to Colombia? My preference would be to go on the ship with the truck if it is visible if not I guess I will have to fly. Which do you think is better? Also I was thinking of maybe shipping my truck from Chili to California on the way back. Again depending on the costs. Your opinion is very much appreciated since this is going to be a very long round trip. I need to gather all the information that I can while planning.

I will be waiting for your response and I want to thank you in advance for all the help you can give me.

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