Camper Van for sale in USA. 2010 Ford Transit Connect $12,500 or best offer!

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#1 Sun, 11/19/2017 - 17:27

Camper Van for sale in USA. 2010 Ford Transit Connect $12,500 or best offer!

We are located in Wisconsin, USA and are selling our beloved camper van. Here is a video of our newly renovated van:

We were going to drive the Americas with it but something has come up at home so we are giving someone else the opportunity to do so in our van! $12,500 obo!

It is a 2010 Ford Transit Connect with under 125,000 miles on it. 

Great gas mileage: 25 MPH!

Comes with extraction fan and 3 little fans. Solar panel, solar charger, and complete electric system including secondary battery and inverter. Van is completely insulated. Wood paneling. Insulated curtain and rod included as divider. Also included is the camping stove, GPS, mini electric cooler, 2 ottomans, 8-inch memory foam mattress and complete bed set, steering wheel lock, bike rack, dehumidifier, carbon monoxide detector, pull out kitchen drawer, fire extinguisher, small rug, 2 extra seat cushions, propane tanks, trash bin, ladder, warning triangles, new tires, and new oil change.

We got two different mechanics to do a full inspection of it including engine and suspension to make sure everything is sustainable for a trip like traveling the Americas. 

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Hi there, is your van by any chance still available?  Thank you!