Campervan for sale in Colombia/Ecuador by April//May 2017.

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Campervan for sale in Colombia/Ecuador by April//May 2017.

Hello everyone, We have a brasilian kia besta 2.7 diesel year 2000/2001 that we used to make a trip through southamerica (check out some photos in ). Our plan is to sell the car in Colombia in April/May but we are flexible to sell it in Equador if its needed. The van is all camperized with a bed (190x130cm) that turns into sofa, kitchen and enough space (underneath the bed, and a vertical closet) to keep the things that you need for a long trip (we are in an year trip). It also comes with our two bikes that go on the rooftop, and all dishes and bedsheets too, a table and two chairs.

Car dates

plate: brazilian

transmission: manual

engine: 2.7 diesel

year: 2000/2001

kilometers: around 310.000 at the selling time

mileage: 10/11 km/L

seats: 3 in the front


-roof rack

-3x25L water tanks on the roof

-radio with AUX

-10kg kitchen gas tank

-20L drinking water tank

-all kitchen items (pots, pans, plates, cutlering, etc)

-30cm diameter sink

-tools and repairing kit


The engine is in very good conditions (it was checked out by a mechanic friend at the 300.00km). The car is well treated. We are taking good care of the van and regularly changing fluids and replacing parts ahead of time:

-brake pads replaced 290.000 km

-all the engine belts replaced 282.000 km

-fuel filter replaced 292.000 km

-oil and oil filter changed 292.000 km

-radiator cleaned 292.000 km

-wheel maintenance (rotation, alignement and pressure)

-front tieres changed 298.000 km

-rear tieres changed 278.000 km

-injection pump cleaned and replaced some parts due to the bolivian dirty fuel (very expensive maintenance!) 300.000 km

-front dumpers changed 298.000 km

-rear dumpers changed 290.000 km

Price: 6.500€

Contact us for more.

Whats app: + 55 11 996757141

Email: [email protected]

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