Campervan for sale in Panama, in January 2018

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Campervan for sale in Panama, in January 2018


Hi everbody !

Since it's nearly impossible to import it back in France, we will have to sell our beloved van by the end of our trip in Panama, in late January 2018. Hereafter are the main points.

2000 Chevrolet Express 1500, 5.0L V8 Gasoline
Converted as a camper van

Car bought in Québec, Canada in april 2017.

All maintenance insured since :
* Oil and filter change every 4000 miles
* Voltage regulator changed on the alternator
* Brakes pads and rotors changed
* Fuel and air filter changed
* Radiator changed
* Spark plugs and cables changed
* Transmission and rear differentiel service done

Inside Kitchen :
* Small fridge running on 12V DC (cigarette lighter socket or auxiliary battery)
* Sink, with a hose leading to the outside of the car
* 20L tank linked to a pump over the sink, for non-drinkable water
* Several tanks for drinking water, leading to a maximum capacity of 28L
* Stove with 2 cooking sites, running on propane or LPG (5L / 4.5 kg bottle - lasts a month at least)
* Curtains with plates, forks, knives, pans, etc.
* Small table that can be secured while driving

Auxiliary electric system :
* Auxiliary battery (Marine battery - 1110A - 200min / 100Ah), coupled to the car alternator and to two solars panels
* Two solars panels (100W) each and their charge regulators (Coleman, 7A Max - 105W)
* Inverter 12V DC -> 110V AC
* Auxiliary lamp over the kitchen

At the back of the car, the original blanket remains, which means 3 seatings with seatbelts (so up to 5 people can travel in the car in security).
For the night, this blanket unfolds and the mattress unrols over it. During the day, there is enough space to live and cook in the car, even when it's raining outside :)
The car has plenty of storages, under the mattress, in the kitchen drawer and cabinets and overhead cabinets.
Even though it's a 2WD, thanks to its high clearance and big engine we managed to go in most places in Central America.

Mileage : 186 800 miles right now, should be 190 000 miles by the end of the trip

There are two cracks on the windshield (been there even before we bought the van), but it's not bothering.
There is a few bumps and scratches on the car, but it helps it blend in in Central America :)
AC is not functioning (maybe only a gas refill is needed).

Pics of the cars (and of our trip) can be find on the ad on facebook :

And on our facebook page "Sur les routes des Amériques"

We can provide more details and pictures upon demand at e-mail at [email protected]

We speak english / Nous parlons français / Hablamos espanol

Price, negotiable, is 7000 US$, or 6000€ (could be payed in either cash or international bank transfer)

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Hi there! I sent you a Facebook message & I'll email you as well!