Car for Sale in Costa Rica - 1995 Ford Explorer all equipped - December 2011

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Car for Sale in Costa Rica - 1995 Ford Explorer all equipped - December 2011

Hi there,

we are doing a road trip to Central-America and would like to sell our beloved Travel-Truck after arriving in Costa Rica. So I got the idea, that maybe there is someone out there in Canada or the US, who wants to do that trip backward from South-America up north. We would meet at a certain time at a certain place to hand the car over or leave the keys at a secure place and there you go. How does that sound?Our SUV has a new transmission and the engine had its 300.000 Km - birthday in Alaska. It has four Goodyear R/S tires on, and we will evt. buy another spare tire for the rough roads in Central America. All lubes and oils are changed regularly (every 5000 Km). Brakes have been done last September. Air care for Canada I made this spring. It drives great and it is equipped with all road trip stuff you can think of: Camping chairs, Camping mats, a 2person-tent, water canister (11 Litres) loads of food storage, repair and tool box, 2 big construction tarps and a tarp post (3 meters long), sleeping matress, a big 2 person blanket and 2 pillows. Kitchenwise it includes pot, pan, stove, cutlery, dishes, cups, cutting board, sharp knives... As the Radio does not work, I bought USB-Speakers with a built-in-battery. You can charge your mp3-player, the speakers, battery charger and even your laptop at the transformer you can plug into the cigarette-lighter-plug. So it is a great car for anyone, who loves an Explorer.

The limited Edition of the Explorer means that it was fully equipped, what was possible at that time. Further information you can find at known websites: 4.0L EFI Engine V6 OHV - 160 Horsepower, Power Sunroof, Air Conditioning, Power Windows, Power Door Locks, Vehicle Anti-Theft, Leather Seats, Power Seats, Heated Mirrors, Traction Control, Stability Control, Cruise Control/Tempomat, Key-less Entry (Remote Lock/Unlock), JBL Sound system with Subwoofer and CD-Changer (Head unit doesn't work), dimmable back-mirror, etc...

If you are interested or in need of further information, just give me a message. We plan to be in Costa Rica at the beginning of December 2011.



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