*CHEAP TOYOTA 4runner Santiago Chile FOR SALE NOW

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*CHEAP TOYOTA 4runner Santiago Chile FOR SALE NOW

Hello everyone,

Our 5-months trip is about to finish, and we need to sell our car. After having discovered Chile, Argentina, Bolivia and PerĂº, we would like to sell it first week of April 2018, in Santiago de Chile. We didn't met any issue or problem with the car, and we found the vehicle perfect for this kind of trip.

Model : Toyota 4Runner SR5, 4x2, automatic
Year : 2006
221 000 kms
Gasoline : SP95
Options : speed regulator, radio USB/CD/SD to listen to your favourite musics
Registered in Chile, I am the owner

1 security wheel, under the car
Good state of the 4 tyres (they were new at 200 000 km)
Average consumption : 9L/100

2 keys with automatic locking, utilization notice in Spanish.
We are the second owners, the first used it exclusively in cities. It is in very good state.

Maintenance done (we have the bills):
-New battery november 2017
-Cooling liquid changed in November 2017
-Steering liquid changed in november 2017
-Injectors cleaning in november 2017
-Air filters changed in november 2017
-Spark plugs changed in november 2017
-Brake pads changed in January 2018
-A/C filters changed in January 2018
-Oil motor filters changed in January 2018

Equipments :
We convert the car ourselves for travelling
-1 wood bed platform with a mattress 190x130cm
-1 quilt and 2 pillows
-4 tidying boxes, 2 are broken but we still use it
-1 table et 2 camping chairs
-1 cooker with 2 burners a little damaged (painting goes out, some burn marks, but does fonction well)
-1 6kg Chilean gas bottle
-Dishes : pan, wok, frying pan, colander, cutlery, plates, tupperwares, kettle, ladle, wood board and other accessories
-1 barbecue
-1 antitheft wheel lock
-1 security kit: 1 extinctor usable until 2021, 1 triangle et 1 yellow safety vest
-2 sun visors for large mornings
-1 fishing rod with 2 new spoon to show your incredible fisherman's talents (or not)

If you are interested or need more information, don't hesitate to contact us:
- By mail : [email protected]
- By whatsapp : +56952429634

Fri, 03/30/2018 - 05:49

Hi! What's the price?

Hi! What's the price?