Chevrolet S10 – camper van for SALE in south Chile/Argentina in March 2020

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Chevrolet S10 – camper van for SALE in south Chile/Argentina in March 2020

Don Carro – made for comfort, not speed!

Perfect for South American terrain - High clearance, 4x4 and powerful V6 motor!

Fully self-sufficient – More than enough electricity through two powerful solar panels, a strong battery and water tanks for your shower and sink onboard! Power is sufficient for making smoothies, run the fridge, charge the laptop and phones!

No need to dismantle/reassemble anything - kitchen, bed, fridge etc. ready to use every day!

Start your trip on the South Tip before its gets cold here – we have your camper ready!

Car specs:
Make:  Chevrolet
Model:  S10 Executive
Year:     2001
Engine: V6 4.3l
Type:    4x4 Automatic transmission
Fuel:    Gasoline
Mileage: max. 260,000km (as of sale date)
Registration:  Chilean Plates

Camper Specs:
2 x 180W Solar Panels, 12V 95AH battery, 3 x USB charging port, 600W 12/DC to 220V/AC Power inverter

Kitchen Equipment: 
Fridge, propane stove with 2 burners, 2 x 5kg propane cylinders, all kitchen equipment (cooking pots, cutlery, plates, glasses etc.), indoor sink with tap,

House Equipment: 
Double bed with mattress, 2 x pillows, 2 x cushions, winter duvet, summer duvet, study table, stool, clothes line, 2x USB fans for hot days

Camping Equipment:
BBQ grill and tong, 2 x camping chairs

2 x 25l outdoor tanks for sink, 2 x 25l outdoor tanks for outdoor shower, space for 20L drinking water can inside, water pump for easy-fill comfort

Car Equipment: 
2 x jerry cans, external tool box with all tools

Hidden safety compartment, back seats converted to wardrobe, storage for shoes, cabinets in house, book-shelf

Mechanical Work done since Jul 2019:
Jan:   new tie rod end
Dec:   new front brake pads, renewed back brake pads, new engine belt
Nov:   suspension alignment, new engine mounts
Oct:   all liquid changes
Sept:   new mud guards, new parts in suspension system
July:   new windshield, balance rod fix, wheel alignment

Price – 6500€, negotiable

Like what you see? - contact Nandita +447871665881 or Jupp +447903235152 (only whatsapp)

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