Custom built Ford Transit Connect FOR SALE in Belize/Central America!!!! - End of Jan 2018

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#1 Tue, 01/02/2018 - 16:44

Custom built Ford Transit Connect FOR SALE in Belize/Central America!!!! - End of Jan 2018

My boyfriend and I decided, after 6 months on the road from Calgary to Belize, to return home to the UK so we are looking for someone to buy our van.  

Its automatic, 2010 Ford Transit connect, (aprox) 104,000 miles on the meter, FWD, great condition. Runs on gas/petrol/unleaded. 6ft 5in tall, length about 8ft , width 3-4ft.

We bought the van second hand in Colorado and had it gutted and built up by Jay @ DownByTheRiver vans in Boulder. Its fully equipped with built in camp stove, 20Gal water tank and pump faucet and small double/large single bed that can be compressed into a bench when not in use. It also has: two rows of shelves, electric cooler box, two storage drawers underneath the bed, solar panels which provide power for cooler, power sockets (2), reading light, "kitchen" light and extrator fan. (Power from solar panels can be used to jump start car if battery goes flat as there is a reverse power flow system in place)

As far as mechanics go, engine is in top condition, recently had all fluids and filters changed (Dec 10th 2017) and all other aspects checked and given green light by ford mechanics. Spare tyre included. 

We want to sell the van as-is so included in that will be:

.1 matress and 1 thick foam mattress topper

.Organisational baskets for shelves


.Cups, bowls, plates, cutlery, pot, pan and other assorted kitchen utensils, all in good condition. 

.2 GREAT camping chairs

.Plastic tarp

.2 yoga mats


Van also has a small safe suitable for documents, money, jewelry, phone, etc.... 


We have loved that the small size of the van has allowed us to travel into small towns and villages, or large cities, or wilderness with ease as it fits into any normal sized parking space. The other massive plus is that, being a Ford, parts are found easier than most other makes worldwide. 

Two minor faults:

1) Tiny chip in outer layer of windsheild on passenger side-this has never caused us any issue

2) Left rear door is a little squeaky and stiff and may need oiling

If you are very tall, or dont like cuddling with your companion this van is probably not for you, the size has its pros and cons but it worked out perfectly for us. If anyone is interested in more info and/or pics don't hesitate to contact me at [email protected] or comment below and ill get back to you ASAP.