Ford Camper Van for Sale in Santiago de Chile or Valparaiso area - Now - [4.500 euro]

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Ford Camper Van for Sale in Santiago de Chile or Valparaiso area - Now - [4.500 euro]

Hi travelers!

We are a Spanish couple from Barcelona and we’re going to sell our beloved van once we reach Santiago de Chile during May. We could also sell it on the North of Chile if it suits better for you.

We’ve been living on it and driving through Argentina and Chile for nearly 3 months without any problems at all.

The van is an american oldschool vehicle but has worked perfectly in all duties and types of roads. Despite it is a 2WD its powerful engine let us drove some hard and slippery roads such as the Carretera Austral. Due to its +30 years old you'll find multiple scratches and details but we haven't found nothing to worry about. 

When driving you will feel really comfortable due to its soft and spacious three-front seats. When camping you can take advantage of a huge back and convertible space: dining area that converts into the sleeping area and back small kitchen.


THE VEHICLE (Engine and Interior):

  • 1984 Ford Econoline Station Wagon (Made in Canada)
  • Around 200.000km by the time we reach Santiago de Chile
  • 6 Cylinder - 4.9L - 150 HP Fuel engine
  • Automatic gear (Parking - Rear - Neutral - Drive - 2 - 1)
  • Perfectly running without any liquid leaks until today (just a bit of engine oil goes through)


  • 3 front seats (only 2 belts)
  • Dining/table area for 4 people convertible to 1.40m x 2m full bed
  • Kitchen/storage area with built-in tap (powered by a water pump)
  • Chemical toilet
  • Plenty of closed storage spaces
  • 2 spare wheels mounted on the back doors
  • Water deposit as source for the tap + Additional battery for the water pump
  • Courtains in all windows (front, side and back)



  • Complete check before start traveling (both mechanical and electrical)
  • New 75 Amp battery
  • Oil change and new oil filter
  • Additional 1L oil bottle
  • New alternator belts (to ensure the battery charges perfectly)
  • New fuel filter
  • Lighter power plug plus electric 12v-220v inverter to charge cellphones, laptops, etc
  • Additional 20L fuel bottle/can
  • New water coolant liquid
  • Allen X key and hydraulic jack for wheel replacing
  • Additional tools



  • Full bed clothing (pillows, cover, sheets)
  • Gas cooking stove
  • Full size pan
  • Colander
  • Wooden cooking spoon
  • 2 Plates
  • 2 Bowls
  • 4 Cups
  • 4-set cutlery
  • 4 wine glasses
  • 1 cutting table
  • Cleaning stuff


Chilenean plate
All papers needed up to date:

  • Permiso de circulación (until 03/2018)
  • Chilenean basic insurance (until 03/2018)
  • Revisión técnica (until 05/2017) - If we have enough time we'll try to get it until 05/2018.

Consideration: in case of being foreigner, a RUT number is needed to be able to buy the car. Obtaining this RUT number is easy and free of charges. They give it to you right at the moment (no waiting days). In case of needing help, we can help you through the buying process.

We’re asking for 4.500 euro and we’re flexible in dates between 8st -17th of May.

In case of being interested or having any questions, please reach us through Whatsapp: +34 637 486 398 (Albert)


Here you have a few images!









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The véhicule still for sale?