Ford e250 - 2007 - 115,000 miles - IN CALIFORNIA

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Ford e250 - 2007 - 115,000 miles - IN CALIFORNIA

Selling a Ford e250 2007 model setup for adventure travel.

Over the past 18 months this van has taken me from Los Angeles to Canada, then to Panama and back to Los Angeles. As a 2007 model with low miles it hasn’t had a single problem over any one of those miles.

Car info
Model - Ford E250 2007
Mileage – 115,000 miles
Price - $5,500 obo
USA plated

The car was bought as a cargo van and fitted out by myself, features include –

Electrical –
- Solar panels
- ‘House’ battery 150Ah
- Inverter for four 110volt outlets
- Isolator with reverse function – Allows to start the car off the house battery in an emergency. Fantastic feature if you’re camping in isolated spots.
- Wall mounted TV – usable to plug a laptop in, possibly USB drives to watch movies.
- LED strip lights
- 12v FRIDGE – These are very hard to come by, and can be powered purely by the solar panels. 

Fit out –
- Triple layer queen size foam matteress
- Storage under the bed for backpacks and spares
- Eight shelves by the bed for clothing and cooking supplies

- Water tank on the roof

- Deck built onto the roof racks for storage or sunsets.

Fun stuff –
- Surfboard and leash
- Slack line

- Two burner camping stove – Allows you to cook inside the van or take it outside and cook in the sun.
- 20kg gas bottle – Lasts for around four to six months for the camp stove. 
- Full set of plates, bowls and utensils.

- Random spares – light bulbs, fuses, filters and oil.
- Tools – A set of basic hand tools.

Mechanical work done –
- Oil changes every 5,000 miles
- Power steering fluid replaced
- Brake fluid replaced
- New brake pads on the rear
- New brake rotors and discs on the front
- New windscreen wipers

Issues –
Mechanically - the car has no major issues.
Cosmetic – The van has scratches down the left side, and paint touch up on the right side. 
Internal – Gas line to the two burner stove needs to be sealed properly. Alternatively Home Depot sells replacement hoses for around $25. 

This van cost me $6,000 to buy stock, and around $4,000 fitting it out. Van is currently in Northern California, but can be delivered to San Francisco or Los Angeles.

Price is $5,500 USD negotiable. Reasonable for a new model van with low miles and a full fitout.
Alternatively, for $5,000 negotiable it will be sold stripped out as a stock cargo van.

Car will be up for sale between mid november and mid december.

USA number / whatsapp – +1 707 223 6854
Email – stevesnowon @ gmail . com