GMC Vandura Van 1993 - Colombia Medellin - 5000 USD OBO

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#1 Thu, 05/18/2017 - 20:13

GMC Vandura Van 1993 - Colombia Medellin - 5000 USD OBO

Hi everyone!

I had to leave Colombia in June and also had to leave behind my beloved van.

Her name is Jack Tiara. She's a dragqueen and she's amazing.

I bought her in California in November and drove her down to Colombia. She's in a great condition.

She's currently parked in Santa Elena, one hour outside of Medellin, Colombia, where a friend is taking care of her for me.

She never let us down.

I hope to find a new loving owner for my beloved Jack Tiara soon.

P.S.: The body damage on the side doors that you can see on the picture has been repaired.


If you're interested, contact me :

[email protected]

Whatsapp: +436505032807


Some facts:

- USA plates

- 1993

- Engine: V8, 5.8 Liter, Gasoline (super strong, never gave us any kind of trouble)

- Transmission: Automatic

- Radio/CD/Aux + 2 fairly new speakers in the back

- A/C would have to be repaired

- 3 USB charger sockets

- Queen-sized bed in the back, 2 seats in front

- Not 4x4, but since the engine is very strong and the car is pretty high, it has literally took us everywhere we wanted to go so far. Through the mountains and through the Guajira desert.

- Spare tire

- Jack

- Spare air filter, spare gasoline filter

- Cool box, small gas cooker, some cutlery


Service history:

- December 2016, Mexico: New brake cylinder, new brake pads

- January 2017, Guatemala: New starter

- January 2017, Nicaragua: New ignition plugs

- Mai 2017, Colombia: Oil change + new oil filter, new brake pads

- June 2017, the body damage on side doors has been repaired.