How to Buy a Car in Chile

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How to Buy a Car in Chile

Our service includes everything a person who wants to travel south america with a car needs.

paperwork: we cover all necesarry paperwork starting with a RUT number, than we do an ownership transfer for foreigners and we take care of documents that will help in crossing borders. We also help with insurance and Santiago's electronic toll routes system.
We work with the best notary in Santiago and our clients get prefered access, therefore our clients do not wait in lines.

Vehicle: we use many ways to find our vehicles, it can be from returning clients, dealerships that we trust and have good offers, and of course websites such as Chileautos and Yapo. Our great experience allows us to quickly filter all the bad cars and save money on unnecessary garage inspections. We work with reliable mechanics who gives our clients fast garage access and a full report regarding the condition of the car. We also translate the report in case our clients do not speak spanish.
If the garage inspection was successful we will negotiate between 5% - 10% of the price in most cases.
Then we will schedule a notary ownership transfer.

Gear: we sell high quality roof tents and solar energy kits.

After the purchase: we will supply you with all necessary information in a trip planning session with our profesional guide Noam. It will cover topics such as route planning, border crossings, places we recommend and places it is better to avoid. You will receive a border list and explanation about each border as they have different restrictions.

During your trip: We provide live phone support during your whole trip, you can pass us the phone in case you need translation, in case you run into an officer that's having a bad day we can try and talk to them. You can send us photos of your paperwork so we can check if everything is updated and if not, send you to the closest place to get it done,we can send you spare parts etc...

After your Trip: We will help you sell your vehicle, if it stands with our requirements .  If it doesn't, we can still help you sell it to a local person, we will post ads and can show the car for you.

Our total service costs 210,000 CLP for cars and 120,000 CLP for motorbikes.