How to sell US registered car in Costa Rica

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#1 Sat, 07/02/2016 - 11:21

How to sell US registered car in Costa Rica

Hi everyone,


I´m travelling with my US registered Toyota and plan to sell it in Costa Rica (or Panama if easier). Thanks to the information found on these forums, I figured that it´s possible to sell the car in Costa Rica (considering the import fees in the asked price) using a lawyer for the transfer of the car ownership. If I don´t find people who want to drive back to the US with it, I´ll sell it to a local person. For this case I still have few question regarding the release of my responsibility at the US DMV:

How do I notify the DMV in California about the transfer of ownership if I sell the car to a local in Costa Rica? How do I lose liablitly for the car? Do I fill the car title with the foreign adress of the new owner and send it back? According to the DMV, "only the buyer's application for transfer, using the endorsed title received from you" can change the name on the car´s record ( ).

I hope you can help me out!