If you need a reliable mechanic in Santiago

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#1 Wed, 02/25/2015 - 09:21

If you need a reliable mechanic in Santiago

Hey everyone,


After going through the ardous process of buying a vehicle in Saniago, i'd like to share a contact I have found that may be v ery useful for you. After using another mechanic that resulted in me putting a deposit down on a lemon (but for a stroke of luck I wouldve drivne out with this dud), I was put onto Daniel Finkelstein from Finkelstein Motors, to help me do vehicle inspections and service my car. It was a god send to have found Daniel, he came to inspections with me and did an incredibly thorough inspection of the engine and a test drive, before buying he let me know exactly what replacements and costs I would be in for. He helped me select a quality Toyota 4runner and did a full service for a great price. He also helped me avoid purchasing things I didnt need, every other mechanic wants you just sell you whatever they can to maxmise the money theyre getting out of you, Daniel helped me avoid wasting money on tyres I didnt need, shocks I didnt need to replace etc. Since leaving Santiago I have had horrible experiences with mechanics in Chile, dishonest is an understatement, they are some of the most unethical tradesmen I have ev er encountered in my life, they just see $$$$ when a gringo walks in. Daniel also went out of his way to help me, gave me lifts back and forwards from the train station and even came shopping with me for vehicle accessories to ensure I had the right stuff for my journey. I have since absolutely battered the car on dirt roads all over chile and have not had a single problem, so a good service and good selection was made.

So if you want an honest, reliable and professional mechanic in Santiago (not easy to find), here are the details:


number: 94764346

[email protected]

Thu, 12/22/2016 - 15:37


I have had a completely different experience than Trevor with this mechanic. He quoted me a reasonable price for a general service, oil change, fluids etc. and to install a new radio (roughly 2 hours work he said) and i accepted. I stuck around as i had nowhere else to go and watched as his 'service' if you can call it that. He botched the oil change, putting in too much oil and charging me extra for it. Didn't so much as check the coolant. Started the car, told me it sounded good, then sent me on my way after barely an hour (not before asking for more than double the agreed price). 

Upon arriving in argentina I have realised the extent of his incompetence when i had the car serviced by a great mechanic here in esquela. Some of the problems could have been avoided if they were caught earlier.

Good luck with the honest mechanic search in santiago everybody!