Leaving Chile with Chilean car to ALL countries - workaround

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#1 Mon, 04/10/2017 - 06:26

Leaving Chile with Chilean car to ALL countries - workaround

Hey guys,

I have discovered a way to leave Chile with your Chilean car to all countries (including Peru). That's the information that I have gathered so far. Please correct me if I'm wrong or forgot some kind of aspect :)

  • First you need to apply for a temporary residence visa before coming to Chile. In my case (German citizen, under 30 years old) I can apply for a Working Holiday Visa - valid for 1 year (check with your local Chilean embassy if such a possibility exists for you).
  • In Chile you have to register your visa at the Policía de Investigaciones de Chile and Servicio de Registro Civil e Identificación
  • At the Servicio de Registro Civil e Identificación you reveive your RUN rumber (not RUT) and a Chilean foreigner ID (like this one: https://startupsubsidiarychile.files.wordpress.com/2014/04/id-rut.png)
  • Benefit: You don't need a Chilean person to help you get the RUN, whereas to get a RUT you need local help.
  • Benefit: You can cross EVERY border, as you are considered a Chilean temporary resident.
  • Downside: You wait around two weeks for your Chilean foreigner ID to arrive
  • Downside: Visa costs around 90USD
  • Buy a car using your RUN, instead of RUT and cross every border.


I have not yet been through this process yet, as my visa application is still pending. I'll let you guys know about my progress.

Tue, 06/20/2017 - 03:41

Hallo Artur,

Hallo Artur,

meine Frau und ich planen ebenfalls durch Südamerika mit unseren 2 Kindern zu fahren,... wir haben nun  Möglichkeiten 1) Auto in Chile kaufen (wie ist es dir damit gegangen) - hat alles so funktioniert wie oben beschrieben ?

2) Auto hier in Österreich kaufen und verschiffen,... keine Ahnung wie kompliziert das ist ?

Wir wären dir sehr dankbar wenn du uns kurz über deine Erfahrungen diesbzgl. schreiben könntest,

liebe Grüße 

Martin und Sabrina